Applying A Growth Mindset To Achieve Success

Each one of us can walk through life in one of two ways. The first option is having a fixed mindset and the second is having a growth mindset. If you didn’t already know this; only one group actually finds success and fulfillment. Having a growth mindset means seeing that talent and genes alone form only one part of the equation. People with a growth mindset believe that through hardwork and dedication – the sky is the limit. This article will focus on that group of people. During the course of this post – you will learn the secret of applying a growth mindset to achieve success.

Applying A Growth Mindset To Self-Development

We all want to experience success in our lives. Google defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So in a way; success can be associated with happiness. The more internally validated you feel, the happier you get. Pay attention to the word “internally” because success should never be associated with external validation. You need to define your own happiness or in other words success; and this is one of the many success tips you will learn as you mature. If you choose a career that your parents wanted you to do and excel at it – is this really success? To the outside world it may be- but internally it may not. So the first step of applying a growth mindset is to achieve success by defining it.

We all know though that success can be one sided. You could have success in your career but fail dismally at every other part of your life. So the key here is obviously balance. Think of time and energy as finite resource. You need to allocate these accordingly to reach the success you want in all faculties of your life. In the sections to follow, time will be spent discussing how to navigate through the different areas of one’s life – applying a growth mindset to achieve success along the way. Typically people will find themselves navigating being in college or school, being in a relationship, studying at college, working or being an entrepreneur. This article will touch on each of these areas.


Humans are social creatures and this is evident by the longest study done by Harvard University. According to the Ted Talk: What makes a good life? lessons from the longest study on happiness; the study shows that those participants in the study that were the most happy and who lived longer; belonged to the group of people that had the healthiest relationships up until their death. You may take your friendships or family for granted; however studies show that the number of quality relationships you have decrease as you get older. So you may want to start learning how to make friends quickly.

There are many reason why people tend to lose relationships such as not effectively using the emotional bank account to form better relationships as outlined in the book: The 7 habits of highly effective people. Therefore time needs to be spent nurturing the relationships in your life just as you would your career or own wellbeing.

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The age factor is just one detriment to developing healthy relationships. The other factor comes down to personality types. Finding the right type of friends to compliment you as well as overcoming shyness prone personality types like introversion can hinder your relationship forming capabilities.

There are a variety of ways to overcome this such as meeting people through shared interests e.g. through sports clubs. In addition, shyness or introversion is just a matter of a perspective shift. We are influenced by our belief system and thoughts. If we hold onto the fact that we are shy and afraid then we will never overcome the obstacle of approaching new people. A handy tip in this regard would be to live in the present moment. If you are able to stop the destructive thoughts then you will realize that it is much easier to overcome fearful thoughts. Another useful trick is to not feeding the shyness belief system. If you are suffering from social anxiety, you need to put yourself out there. Desensitize yourself to the thing that fears you the most. Speak to strangers, approach new people and make new friends.


When it comes to having a successful career hard-work, talent and education are important factors; however knowing how to strategically navigate through the workplace is also of equal importance. Every decision you make from whether to choose your career over your passion to how to make a good first impression at work is of key importance to your success at work. You will find that the work place is a dynamic terrain that requires persistence and the ability to deal with change in the workplace on a consistent basis.

If you are keen on getting that next promotion; then there are many ways to get promoted at work and to avoid the pitfalls of deadly career mistakes. However, you need to once again define your success. Some people prefer having a work life balance and moving all the way up the corporate ladder isn’t on the cards for them. It’s all about what you can handle as well as your own intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.

The following are steps to follow as you start applying a growth mindset to achieve success in the work place:


Sometimes people are just not cut out for a normal career and opt for the entrepreneurial root instead- you can somewhat call these people entrepreneur superheroes. They are the people never stopping in the face of adversity. There comes a certain freedom and exhilaration with starting your own venture and calling it yours. But even with all the excitement comes immense risk. Sometimes this risk comes because of the toss up of creativity vs innovation – to succeed means coming up with something untested and still getting the buy in from your target audience. This is fundamentally why businesses that utilize the disruptive innovative framework either succeed or fall to the ground. Therefore to really succeed means having a driving passion and the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. Here are some great starters for your entrepreneurial journey:


Studying is a pivotal path in most people’s lives. Whether it is to grow in your career, start up a side hustle or just fulfill that new year resolution of learning something new. Whatever the case, here are some golden rules for applying the growth mindset for success in your studies:

Applying a growth mindset to achieve success in all areas of your life isn’t easy; you will require the will and determination to persist until you reach happiness and balance. The key isn’t to beat yourself up when things seems to being going in the wrong direction but instead reflect and determine how to set yourself on the right path. Use this post as a guiding pillar to help you along the way.

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