How To Make Friends Quickly-The Intelligent Way

According to psychology, a person can judge you within seconds of meeting you. Studies done show that the people you meet can almost instantaneously make assumptions about whether you are trustworthy, intelligent, aggressive, smart and many other character traits. This is frightening but also means that first impressions do last. Therefore the key to how to make friends quickly lies in the first few encounters you have with a person.


How To Make Friends Quickly The Intelligent Way


Here are some great tips on how to make friends quickly the intelligent way:

Talk about what the other person likes

The fact is that the most important person in anyone’s life is themselves. This essentially means that people love talking about themselves more that listening to a stranger rant on about their accomplishments or hobbies; to win favor with someone and create a good first impression – make the other person the subject of attention and watch as they instantaneously take liking to you. The important thing is to be genuine – show curiosity and interest by asking questions. You will find that you will immediately create a friends without even saying much. Be cautious of this going on continuously through the friendship though; eventually over time the friendship should work both ways and your friends should also reciprocate and pay attention to what is important to you as well.


How to make friends quickly using common ground

Extending on the previous point, how to make friends quickly is often dependent upon how well you can relate to the person you befriend. People who share things in common often become friends because it helps to both be passionate and excited about something. Always try to find this common ground whether it is movies, sport or a hobby. To make this task easier, join clubs and go to venues to find people with similar interests as you. By doing this you will find the task of how to make friends quickly effortless.


Give genuine compliments but don’t flatter

Yes! Everyone loves to feel important. It is probably the only thing every person in this world has in common. The feeling of admiration from others is what has fueled successful people over the ages. The 21st century isn’t any different. How to make friends quickly is therefore reliant on fueling this desire in people; however, it is easy to get carried away and confuse compliments with flattery. Never flatter someone – it will just be seen as an insult; instead take the time to really find something you admire about the person you are trying to befriend. The added effort you take to find this special quality will be appreciated even more.


Foster friendships like you would a plant

How make friends quickly is easy but how to make quality long last friendships takes time and effort. It can be a lot of work but if you find people that bring out the best in you – then invest your time in nurturing the relationship. It is okay not to have many great friends, but nurture those friendships that will stick with you through the ages.

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