Benefits Of Dealing With Change In The Workplace

Dealing with change in the workplace may be a hard pill to swallow. Many personality types are anti-change. We tend to get comfort in stability and frown upon uncertainty and the risks that it presents. However, if we really had to scrutinize change – we will see that most phenomenal things that happen in our lives are a result of some change that we made. So this article is going to talk about dealing with change in one specific area i.e. you career.

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Benefits Of Dealing With Change In The Workplace

Let’s get started! Picture this: you are a manager in your company and have a great position with a boss that understands you. You are also somewhat of a specialist at what you do so it feels empowering to go to work each day. Things seem to be going great; so complacency starts to set in. Just when you thoughts everything was perfect; when you thought you were going to sit in that corner office for the next 30 years before retirement came knocking. Something hits you like a blow. There is going to be a massive restructuring as a result of a merger in your company. You panic – everything is going to change you tell yourself. At this very moment you ask yourself what do you do?

Dealing with change in the workplace may have numerous disadvantages as mentioned above; however it can also be a blessing in disguise. Here are the benefits of dealing with change in the workplace to change your perspective on the apparent dreary experience. If you are keen on learning methods to expand you perspective; check out: Perspective taking exercises to make you more successful>>

It makes you come alive

The brain wasn’t meant for routine. in fact the more time you spend not challenging it; the more it starts withering away. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you expose your brain to new experiences to keep those mental and creative juices flowing. The scenario painted above is an example of how people easily fall into complacency and routine. When this happens the thrill of life starts to disappear. Therefore a change in the workplace may be exactly what you need to spark some excitement back into your life. As much as you may worry about things being worse than they were; the uncertainty is good for the brain. Think less about what if things go wrong? and more on what if things go right?

It may help you find a hidden passion

How many of us go into career paths that are in no way related to what we dreamed of as children. We don’t draw up career growth plan that projects where we want to be in the future. We often don’t choose what to study effectively so we end up in dead end jobs. As we mature; responsibility takes precedence over being happy. People choose jobs that pay well because of security and are able to squash their dreams in a second if a promotion comes knocking. A change in the workplace is therefore an excellent opportunity to re-ignite old aspirations. Maybe the change will create a position that you were previously interested in. Or perhaps you will move into a new department where you learn about a new career path that you love and was never aware of. Think of uncertainty as fishing in the ocean…. you never know what you will catch; however the possibility of it being something great is right in front of you. So stop holding that Gold fish and start fishing for sharks!

It will make you more resilient

Nothing is certain except for uncertainty itself. Uncertainty and change is all around us whether we like it or not. Nothing stays the same forever. Therefore only the resilient and strong are able to make it through life. The only way to build mental toughness in anything, is through experience. Dealing with change in the workplace will help you gain the experience you need to embrace uncertainty in all facets of your life.

It may lead to promotions

Any change in the workplace could swing on the good or bad side. Either way the onus is on you to change our perspective. If we can’t change a situation, then we need to change our circumstances. But let’s just consider things working out in your favor – because Mindspurt is all about positivity and looking at the brighter side. The best case scenario during changes at work could be a promotion, a better boss, a higher salary or even a realization that you need to change companies. And when you change companies you may realize that that was the perfect move for you.

To conclude, every situation can be viewed through different perspectives. However the key is to change your mindset such that you are able to control the way you respond to negative situations. The world is going to knock you down several times and we can’t control that. What we can control though is how sturdy we stand when being knocked down and how quickly we get up and keep fighting.

Comment below on you have dealt with organizational change and the benefits that it has brought you. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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