50 Ways To Win An Argument The Right Way!

How to win an argument everytime is a difficult feat, however these 50 ways to win an argument are sure to put you on the right track.

50 Ways To Win An Argument The Right Way!

Here is an extensive list of 50 ways to win an argument:

  1. Have evidence

  2. Rally support

  3. Study the subject matter extensively

  4. Be suggestive not aggressive

  5. Speak from the heart

  6. Explain your side eloquently

  7. Control your emotions

  8. Learn to read your opponent – practice emotional intelligence

  9. Be tolerant of opposing views

  10. Show respect to your opponent

  11. use logical explanations when expressing your views

  12. Ask the right type of questions to support your view

  13. Study your opponent

  14. Listen attentively

  15. Get the person to say “yes” initially – this will make them more agreeable

  16. Mirror your opponent – science says this is likely to make them more agreeable

  17. Make eye contact when listening and talking

  18. Use visuals to aid your point of view

  19. Use more facts and less opinions

  20. Choose your battles wisely

  21. Give your opponent a sense of importance

  22. Reiterate your opponents flawed argument

  23. Avoid using “but” or “however” after your opponent has expressed his point

  24. Use examples to illustrate your point of view

  25. Practice perspective taking exercises

  26. Think about your responses

  27. Have a burning passion for your argument

  28. Speak clearly

  29. Have confidence

  30. Be persistent

  31. Re-iterate what you have heard

  32. Acknowledge common ground

  33. Pounce when the time is right

  34. ware you opponent down

  35. learn to compromise

  36. Accept a shared defeat

  37. Use an understanding tone

  38. Know when to stop talking

  39. keep your mind refreshed

  40. Dress the part

  41. Believe in your idea – don’t falter

  42. Have faith that you can win the argument

  43. Get an unbiased perspective

  44. Practice your argument

  45. Learn to debate effectively

  46. Think on the spot – have counterarguments

  47. Examine all avenues

  48. Document and record points

  49. Fight for the things that matter

  50. Practice all 49 rules above to make them a part of your intuition training.

There you have it – 50 ways to win an argument the right way. The next time you get into an argument, rest assured that these tips will make sure that you are on the winning side.

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