Success Tips In life – You Will Realize When You Get Older

Success tips in life is probably what you will hear a lot of; you can be certain of getting this advice from a whole bunch of people; some experienced in the art of success and those not so much. It can be quite difficult sifting out those that you can really apply in your life. The truth however, is that success is not a one type fit all kind of thing. While some success tips in life might work for some, they may not necessarily work for another select group of people.


Success Tips In life - You Will Realize When You Get Older



Here’s a list of success tips in life that you will probably only learn as you get older:

Success is what you define it to be:

The monetary success of one person may not necessarily correlate to what you consider to be success. For a simple person – making a days living and having a loving family to go home to constitutes success. For an underpaid university lecturer working on cracking a research problem –  and finally reaching a breakthrough is considered success. So the best thing to do for yourself is to first define what success is to you. Once you are able to define you success, you can then start making calculated succession steps forward.


You change and so do your goals

As you get older, your brain changes as new connections develop (the concept of neuroplasticity). This means that you need to constantly re-evaluate your success goals. Having the same goals you had when you were in your teens is likely to change completely when you reach your 20’s for example. You need to be able to constantly re-invent the wheel.


Measure and track you goals

It is so easy to lose track of your goals when you are busy with life. Sometimes the routines of life can get so hectic that you start to develop bad habits which you follow daily without thinking. If there is nothing to remind you on a regular basis what it is truly that you want to achieve then you will end up going to a destination you never even wanted to arrive at. This is precisely the reason why people have a mid life crisis. Use vision boards – or whatever else  it is, a regular reminder is what you need to not lose track and focus.


Find the root cause to your success

It is very easy to mistake what it is that you really want. Growing up in a home that fought over money may make you think that having lots of money is success. However what it is that you truly wanted was to having a loving home. So you may end up being a workaholic to climb the corporate ladder only to realize that you still end up in a destructive home. So the key is to really delve deeper into what will bring you happiness and success.



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