4 Reasons Why An Entrepreneur Is A Type Of Superhuman

Everyday entrepreneurs are churning out in large numbers. We are seeing entrepreneurship being more and more prevalent with millennials wanting to have more freedom in their careers. But as you would know, entrepreneurship isn’t as simple as waving a wand and bam you are the next Mark Zuckerberg. You need a special something to obtain success. Read why an entrepreneur is a type of superhuman and what you need to be able to fall into this category.

An entrepreneur is a type of superhuman because they are risk seeking

While others run the other way when they see possibility of failure, entrepreneurs look at risk with a different perspective. Most successful entrepreneurs look at risk as an opportunity either to learn or to succeed; so for them there is no real loss. Because of this risk threshold, entrepreneurs are more equipped to handle failures which is very likely during the entrepreneurial muscle building stages. While others give up during the first sign of trouble, entrepreneurs are busy reflecting and developing counter strategies to correct what initially went wrong. The result is a cycle of continuous improvement, during which they get better each time.

Entrepreneurs have phenomenal intuitive abilities

Several articles have been written about intuition on this site. It can essentially be defined as a “how to guide” that your mind develops through your experiences. Intuition is essentially your internal mechanism to assist with making decisions when the data itself isn’t sufficient to come to a conclusion. This is something which is often encountered in entrepreneurship. Most of the time, data isn’t going to tell you whether a decision is a right move or not. You will need to rely on your intuitive abilities to guide you. These intuitive abilities can only be relied on if you are a seasoned entrepreneur. E.g. knowing what investors to let into your business can only come from past experiences of dealing with good and bad investors.

An entrepreneur is a type of superhuman because they are system thinkers

Systems thinking is the ability to holistically solve a problem by looking at an entire system. Instead of focusing on individual sections, entrepreneurs are able to weigh in on how decisions affect all parts of their business. This ability is essential because an entrepreneur is required to be an all rounder. When an issue affects marketing, as an entrepreneur is required to know what feedback to give their team. Similarly if operations is having a serious meltdown, they must be able to step in to steer the team. Sure entrepreneurs have technical experts, but knowing how the different puzzle pieces fit together is essential to an entrepreneurs role of strategic improvement.

Enterpreneurs are patient

An entrepreneur is a type of superhuman because they are the most patient people you will find. They are able to suck it up and struggle hard in the beginning with no real promise of a reward at the end. Some may call it a rush, while others may call it a never dying passion for what they do. This patience is what separates entrepreneurs from the working class. A true entrepreneur is willing to be homeless to realize his vision. Are you that passionate?

These are just 4 reasons why an entrepreneur is a type of superhuman. There are obviously more traits and abilities that distinguish a successful entrepreneur from others; this is somewhat of a guide to gear you towards the right direction. Entrepreneurship is not easy, however as with anything that you keeping working at; success is inevitable.

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