Creativity Vs Innovation in Start-Ups

An interesting post was previously written about the disruptive innovation framework. Essentially it classifies start-ups according to whether they are sustaining innovation or disrupting innovation. The latter being improving upon current services being offered and the former being completely changing the way a market operates. This post is here to examine the link between creativity vs innovation irrespective of whether it is disruptive or innovative.

The Relationship Between Creativity Vs Innovation

Creativity vs innovation in sustaining and disruptive start-ups:

Creativity is often at the forefront of any great idea. It is often imagination and belief that something is going to work that leads to success. If you were to consider a sustaining innovation for example; the only way to compete is to provide something new and different and this often stems from creativity. A sustaining innovation like an hair salon could be made unique by providing a unique user experience. This unique user experience can only stem from creativity.

Likewise consider the relationship between creativity vs innovation when it comes to disruptive start-ups. An entrepreneur that wants to provide to the needs of an untapped market needs to think creatively. He/she needs to be able to utilize creativity to identify a problem that people never knew they had. Alternatively he/she is expected to exploit their creativity to identify a solution. This is often a known problem that historically could not be solved.

Understanding the market:

The strength between creativity vs innovation can further be improved with knowledge of a particular market. If you for example have deep knowledge about a particular industry; it becomes much more easy to identify critical gaps in these industries. This is when the merger between creativity and the knowledge you possess will etch a path to your success.

Technology, innovation and creativity:

But how does technology fit in with the relationship between creativity vs innovation? Consider the new improvements and solutions that exist today. Do you think the great minds that existed in the past were not capable of achieving them? had they had the same resources would they have not been as successful as we are today? They created the foundation in which we today strive.

Technology and the way we evolve is incremental. This means that has much as we are eager to take huge leaps forward, we are always restrained by time. Consider this great post about how the app Shazam evolved in its early days. The app took years to put together but the team soon realized that at the time, the market really didn’t see a purpose for such technology. It was not until years later that a gap in the market emerged and the technology blew up. Today the advent of technologies like AI, drones and data science have created numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is up to them to use their creativity and tap into these new markets.

Concluding statement:

The relationship between creativity vs innovation is very strong. As an entrepreneur, you need to realize that to succeed means to innovate; and to innovate means to tap into your creativity however crazy it may seem. However, realize that your pursuits are governed by time. Remember there is never stupid idea. Any idea can be great, it just needs to be presented to the right audience at the right time and needs to solve the right problem.

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