3 Keys to Success In All Aspects Of Your Life

Posts like this have probably written a thousand times however people are constantly on the lookout for a new perspective on the topic. So here is Mindspurt’s take on the matter; Here’s 3 keys to success in all aspects of your life:

3 Keys to Success In All Aspects Of Your Life

1 Start chipping

Think of whatever you are trying to achieve as trying to escape a solid brick wall ( it is freedom you are searching for). Before even having the slightest chance of escaping, you need to have an idea and start making small strides towards realizing it. So you take a chisel and hammer and start chipping away. But like all efforts – they need to be quantified; so you write down how long in a day you want to keep chipping at that wall. Wait! you can’t keep chipping – you need to have a goal right? to see some light. So taking this analogy and applying it to anything you want to achieve – the steps are as follows:

  • What’s the long term goal (“Escape the confines of the solid brick wall” – Freedom)
  • What short term goals are going to help you start moving forward? Include deadlines (“Chisel and hammer till you see the crack – and light shining through”)

2. See the light & Re-evaluate

Seeing the light is one of the 3 keys to success because it serves as the motivation. Will you be motivated to continuously chip away if you don’t revel in your small achievements? It also identifies if your method of approach is truly working or whether you need to take a detour and change your strategy. This key to success involves the following phases:

  • Find ways of measuring your small successes (” See the light shining through”)
  • Reflect – Is your method working? (“does chipping at the wall work? How can you do it more effectively”)

3. use the sledge hammer

If you have a sledge hammer – that’s great ( but then you could have used it from the start anyway); however in reality not everyone is born with loads of money and resources to help realize their dreams, they need to work at it the old fashioned way i.e. hardwork. The sledge hammer approach is the last of the 3 keys to success because it is the final step in which you give it your all to obtain insurmountable success. The step can be broken up into:

  • Doubling your efforts ( “chip harder” – put in more time and effort; your idea is working)
  • Getting external assistance (” do other see your plan of chipping working?” Can you perhaps bring them on board?)

As with most success – it never reaches it’s peak. There is always room to grow and become better. Once you escape the confines of the brick wall there is always more challenges you will face which is why the 3 keys to success is an iterative approach of continual self – improvement. A term the Japanese coined “Kaizen” to explain the concept of continuous improvement in manufacturing processes.

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