Change Your Mindset To Fit Your Company’s Work Culture Definition

Every company whether you see it or not has a work culture definition. If it is not in hardened rules then it can be found in the way colleagues behave with one another and the way upper management treats employees. Previously a post was written about how to find the best work culture for you to fit in with. This post is rather focused on adapting your mindset to fit a particular work culture.

This is especially important if you have a few bad habits which need to be rooted out so that you become welcomed into the company you have always wanted to be a part of. Bare in mind that you should never change who you are unless you are absolutely comfortable. If you go against your natural tendencies, it will make you more miserable than ever. So to help you on your journey of acceptance, here are some golden rules to help you adapt your mindset to you company’s work culture definition.

Change Your Mindset To Fit Your Company's Work Culture Definition

Rule 1: Know The Work Culture Definition

As said before, understanding a company’s work culture may not be as straight forward as you would expect. Sometimes a bit of careful observation of your surroundings will slowly start to unravel a company’s work culture definition. Ask yourself the following questions to aid your observation:

  • How do colleagues behave with each other? is there a culture of respect, unity, teamwork?
  • What does your company value above all? is it safety, profit at no costs or is it customer satisfaction?
  • Is decision making driven by top management? or does the company value innovation from all levels in the supply chain?
  • Does your company prefer a data driven approach? or is there a strong emphasis towards intuitive thinking?

Rule 2: Identify Your Gaps

Once you have identified your company’s work culture definition, the next step entails identifying where your shortfalls lie. Do you need to become more of a team player? or maybe you need to change your mindset from being less intuitive to being more analytical. Once you have identified these gaps between you and your company’s work culture definition; you can then develop an action plan to change critical aspects of your personality or mental perception.

Rule 3: Close The Gaps

Now that you know what needs changing, the final step of the puzzle requires a proactive approach to improving yourself. It will not be an easy journey, however with careful persistence and dedication you will become more aligned with your company’s work culture definition. Here are some great actionable methods to achieve alignment:

  • Read self-help books on topics that you need to work on
  • Join good influences that will improve your behavior
  • Find a mentor to encourage and guide you
  • Volunteer in more company corporate social events which will teach you about what your company values the most
  • Accept constructive criticism

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