How To Get Headhunted For Your Dream Job

How to get headhunted is probably on the minds of all aspiring professionals. There is no better feeling than being approached with job offers without even lifting a finger. It not only opens up opportunities for more lucrative career paths but also validates your self-worth. If you want to be one of the elite few that becomes the subject of interest to recruiters;  here are some great tips to guide you on your journey of how to get headhunted for your dream job:


How To Get Headhunted For Your Dream Job


Build the right experience

Yes experience is a must! People don’t just get paid buckets of cash for their pretty faces – unless they are models of course; but even models are required to have experience. The key however is to build the right experience. Network and research the skills required for your dream job. How to get headhunted essentially boils down to finding out what skills you can acquire that makes you desirable to the job market. Don’t just settle for bare minimum – always go the extra mile; sometimes it is just one extra skill that can be the deciding factor for whether a recruiter decides to call you or the other candidate.


Update your social network

Social networking is probably just as important as CV’s in the technological era we live in. More and more recruiters are engaging on platforms like linkedin which allows them to easily search for candidates and make contact with them. Companies are actually turning more to technology now that ever due to the inflow of millenials entering the job market. Therefore how to get headhunted can also be dependent on how successfully you can optimize your social network profile for particular keywords. The better your optimization, the more likely to be at the top of the search results.


Let recruiters know that you are on the look-out

It can sometimes be difficult to indicate your desire for new opportunities without alerting your current employer; however informing recruiters that they can approach you will probably be the deciding factor for whether a recruiter is likely to make contact with you. The rule of thumb is to be as discrete as possible. If the worst case happens – and your employer finds out just make an excuse that you didn’t change the settings on your social media.


How to get headhunted means building rare skills

If you really want to know how to get headhunted by recruiters, then learn what the most scarce yet valued skills are in your career field. Then on top of all the general stuff add this on as an extra. Certifications and joining professional bodies can help with this as well. For example: a computer science professional could have a high level of knowledge in one programming language; but have intermediate understanding in the rest. This indicates to recruiters that you are keen on expanding your skills; this is valuable in a job market where continual development is a must. It also indicates that you are driven by intrinsic motivations which means you have the passion for what you do.


Don’t act too desperate or too hard to get

The key to successful negotiation is to ensure that you don’t play hard to get but also not act too desperate. This indicates to employers that you are aware that you have the skills that makes you so valuable; but you are also humble enough to hear them out. This way- even when things don’t work out this time, the recruiter is likely to come knocking when your perfect career presents itself.

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