Defying The Odds: How To Get A Promotion At Work Fast

Everyone wants to do better in their careers – whether it is to validate their self-worth or improve their financial circumstances. Whatever your reasons are for wanting a promotion – the key for how to get a promotion at work fast requires diligent effort and strategy.


Defying The Odds: How To Get A Promotion At Work Fast


Here are some great steps to follow to speed your next career promotion:

Stop following and start taking the lead

What separates people who are usually promoted from those who are not is “leadership.” It is their pronounced attributes to take charge and not wait for instructions that companies admire. This is not easy, as being an innovator and solution finder takes hard work and determination. Therefore, one of the key ways of how to get a promotion at work fast is to throw away those training wheels and start making decisions. Companies want “go-getters” and individuals that are not afraid to put their necks on the chopping block for the sake of moving the company forward. This requires a great deal of initiative on your part.


Strengthen your soft skills

Some of the greatest managers and leaders of large corporates are not necessarily the best technical experts; however what they do possess is communication, presentation and problem solving skills. For how to get a promotion at work fast – this is not any different. You need to be able to not only find solutions to problems but to also be able to present these solutions in the most practical way possible. In addition, you need to be able to convey ideas easily to non-technical experts and also learn the art of dealing with people. If you can be empathetic, have a high emotional intelligence to read people well and lastly get people to want to take your lead – then a promotion is definitely in the cards for you.


Be an expert at something

To get a promotion doesn’t just mean having a fancy office and a bigger paycheck. It is a badge of honor indicating that you have the skill-set to do your job well. This means that you need to be really good at whatever field you expect to get a promotion in; continuously develop and upgrade your skills and keep rolling out big projects that affect the bottom line. The ultimate goal is to get noticed and show your worth.


Learn to be accountable

As mentioned above – taking charge and making decisions is highly desirable in the eyes of a company; however the key for how to get a promotion at work fast is to take accountability for the decisions you make. This is not easy and often comes with confidence in your ability and choices. No one said getting promoted didn’t come with the responsibilities.


Treat it like your own

How to get a promotion at work fast requires a great deal of commitment on your end. Companies usually promote people they see will have a long future in the company and those which they trust to stay. If you find the right company, then do your best to show them loyalty and they will reward you in return. Apart from loyalty, companies also want people that they can rely on and who will be there during rough tides; for example: working overtime when trying to roll-out out a huge project or being on call during weekends for advice. Whatever it is, showing that you are always there to help is a great idea for future promotion prospects.


Develop a shield

A promotion usually comes with a target on your back. This is often from people who believe they could do a better job or who have been waiting for opportunities to move up in their careers. Therefore companies want people that can stand up for themselves and who have the abilities to show those around them that they are worthy picks. You need to be able to develop an emotional shield and not take the words of other to heart. Learn this ability and you will never doubt yourself again.


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