Use The Win Win Situation In Business For Better Culture

Throughout our schooling, we are programmed to think “win -Lose” which is no surprise why leaders of business and employees tend to focus on the same mechanism of thinking. As children, we are taught that for one person to be a winner there must inadvertently be some loser. It’s unfortunate that the concept of abundance and interdependent synergies are never taught.

Use The Win Win Situation In Business For Better Culture

The concept of abundance is merely a state of mind. It makes one realize that there is an abundance of material wealth, success and happiness; open to more than one person. In context of this post, this natural law states that there can be two winners – as opposed to what traditional beliefs dictate. The term interdependence essentially means to work together in synergy; sharing skills and effectively solving problems much more effectively. This way of thinking thus brings on the advent of a win win situation in business.

Here are some effective ways to create win win situations in business that creates a culture of synergy:

Incorporate the concept of a win win situation in business scorecards

A business scorecard or performance scorecard is essentially a signed and agreed document between the employer and employee. The document essentially stipulates the KPI’s (key performance indicators) and outcomes that must be fulfilled by the employee; in order to align with the strategy of the business. To provide the employees with some kind of incentive to meet their targets; future promotions and increases will be dependent on how well employees perform in their scorecards.

But how do you establish a win win situation in business scorecards? The concept herein lies in linking scorecards of employees within teams; i.e. making the success of one employee dependent on how well he’s team performs. For example: consider a hypothetical case whereby a factory manager isn’t getting the support he requires by shop-floor staff. By linking the targets of the factory manager with each operator scorecard; there will be a greater level of cooperation, hence making the fulfillment of business targets easier.

Create wins for teams and not individuals

Consider the case of an exceptional employee within a sales team. This hypothetical performer is the high flyer and brings in great sales figures. In the eyes of his manager; he can do no evil. He’s performance gets him public praise and awards. This is while the trying attempts of other employees never get noticed. A win lose situation has thus been created; which will eventually lead to a destructive environment. An environment where employees back-stab and work in isolation to grab the number one spot.

To change this into a win win situation in business context would require a more strategic approach to reward. A method of rewarding the most effective sales team or sales department could be a much more effective; as it would develop interdependent relationships. With this method; individuals within a team would be much more inclined to help one another as part of a holistic team.

Work on the company culture

The soul of the business is essentially it’s culture. Some of the biggest business giants that exist today attribute their success to the essence of their culture. With a great company culture their is a natural inclination for employees to be happier; hence ensuring a greater impact on the bottom line. If the concept of a win win situation can thus be ingrained within the ethos of the business – it will be much more easier to develop this mindset in employees

This could be accomplished with systems that align employee behaviors to the culture and in the process naturally weeds out people who cannot abide by such principles. The effect will thus be a majority of interdependent employees who believe in working as a team and who can essentially pass this positive attitude to all new recruits.

Company retreats

One of the most effective ways to encourage interdependent relationships and enforce a win win situation in business; is through company retreats. Not only does this exercise build on teamwork but also allows employees to learn about their team mates. This deeper understanding then creates solid friendships and the tendency for employees to complement each other as opposed to fighting one another for success.

Work on leadership

The top down approach is the only way to drive a win win situation in business. Therefore it is easy to spot how important it is to have the right leaderships secured. Leaders in business should believe in the power of interdependent “win-win” relationships and not find value in pitying employees against one another. For existing leadership, training courses can offer an excellent opportunity to open up leaders to new perspectives. However to be more proactive would be to teach future generation leaders the concept from their early years like school or graduate programs.

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