25 Career Mistakes to Avoid – Learn Them Fast

Our careers are our pride, passion and many times lifelines. However, it is also the most easy thing to screw up; especially because of incorrect decisions made or paths taken. Mindspurt has previously written a post about having a career growth plan – so that you know where you are going in your career. This post however, will help to clearly identify what career mistakes to avoid:

25 Career Mistakes to Avoid  - Learn Them Fast

25 career mistakes to avoid:

1 – Being driven by money instead of passion

2 – Get bogged down on career plans but without actually trying trying things out

3 – Not having a clear career path

4 – Not choosing the right company

5 – Choosing to work for someone that you don’t share common values with

6 – Not continuously developing your skills

7 – Failing to realize and take opportunities

8 – Becoming complacent in a bad situation

9 – Neglecting your health in pursuit of career growth

10 – Not focusing on your strengths in your career

11 – Not learning to sell your skills

12 – Not being able to read people

13 – Not Finding a mentor to guide and direct you

14 – Not Applying yourself practically

15 – Not improving your tacit knowledge

16 – Not networking with the right people

17 – Not
Finding the right purpose to stay motivated

18 –
Job hopping without gaining any valuable experience

19 – Not
choosing the right college major

20 – Letting your career path be dictated by your academic qualification

21 –  By letting society dictate your career path and not following personal judgement

22 – Not knowing how to
deal with toxic people

23 – Not taking extra initiative to develop yourself

24 – Having a poor work ethic

25 – Not being able to stand out from the rest

There is probably a 100 more career mistakes to avoid; but they will probably come across as you navigate through working life. If we were to reveal them all – where would the fun be?

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