Intellectual Hobbies To Spark Your Curiosity

Hobbies are the things in life that stick with us for a lifetime. During our weekends, when we can gap it in during our breaks and probably the most mind stimulating things to do once we reach retirement. These are the things we would probably do – even if it meant not earning a single penny from it. But as much as it is important to have hobbies – choosing the right intellectual hobbies that increase our mental capacity and improve the way we think is equally important.

Intellectual Hobbies To Spark Your Curiosity

To help you on your journey of finding the best intellectual hobbies to spark your curiosity; Mindspurt has generated a list to get you started. Go forth hobby seeker – a journey of endless intellectual hobbies await.

Flying Drones

The actual act of drone flying may not necessarily be considered intellectually challenging. However, learning about drones and their applications can be really fun and complex too. Some interesting facts about drones:

  • They are used in mines and manufacturing plants to capture data from areas that are deemed too dangerous or difficult for a human to access. In this case, the drones are usually explosion proof and is navigated by a drone pilot from their offices.
  • The 2018 Olympics used drones flying in unison to display astounding visual effects. In this case, each drone had to be perfectly synchronized with one another to prevent collisions. Pretty cool stuff!
  • Drones can be used to fly out medical supplies to rural areas
  • They can help people traveling alone take selfies (Superficial but true)
  • Drones can capture crystal clear videos of you doing some pretty cool stuff or just the general surroundings (google “drone video and photography”)
  • They can be used to spy on your neighbor. Just kidding!

Apart from just learning about their applications and how they work – you can also look into building your very own drone. The satisfying feeling knowing that you built one yourself is unparalleled. The good thing is that you don’t even need to be an engineer; the kits nowadays are user friendly.


You don’t need to be an expert writer or have your own website to blog. In-fact, all you need is an idea and the will to let it free. Find something that you are knowledgeable and passionate about; then find a way to express yourself. There are tons of sites out there that offer the opportunity to guest blog which can be your creative outlet. The great thing about blogging is that it is an informal means to express your opinion and is a great perspective taking exercise. Your personality is embedded within your writing and therefore no two people can have the same writing style.

Build robots

Building Arduino robots are great for getting that “Iron Man” feeling. It also allows you to get in touch with that child like side of you which is often lost trying to be a mature adult. The kits are relatively easy to understand and there are often online courses that you can take which can help you navigate through. There are so many different variations of the bots you can create that it will probably take a very long time before you are tired of this one. In this age where AI is rife, embrace it and start your very own AI project now.

Data science

This is the data age. According to an article published, data is the new oil. The amount of data available due to sensory and acquisition devices are so great that we have so much of interesting and valuable data. Hence the creation of the job title data scientist. Obviously if you are taking on data science as a hobby, the level of aptitude you hope to achieve will vary from say an experienced data scientist. But this doesn’t mean that you should miss all the fun. Kaggle is a create online community that allows you to experiment with fun data sets which give you a feel of the fun side of data science. Take it at your own pace – there is no need to bog yourself down with the technicalities.

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