Attractive Qualities You Should Have To Attract “The One”

I Know that no two people are the same. What You may consider attractive may not be necessarily the same to the next person. However, there are a few attractive qualities that people essentially find desirable in a life partner which surpasses physical attributes alone. Here is a list of the most attractive qualities that I feel is key to attracting the love of your life:

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Intelligence is the most undervalued of attractive qualities

Yes, in the past, intelligence was associated with the likes of Steve Urkel – which made nerdy people suffer the wrath of constant rejections in the relationship forefront. However today, intelligence is considered sexy. If you are smart you are backed by prolific people like Mark Zukerberg and Elon Musk who are changing the world. People now realize that intelligence extends far beyond akwardness. They see potential in an intelligent person – The opportunity for profound conversations, smart kids and wealth. So if you are one of those smart people trying to dumb yourself down to find your potential “one.” Stop! There is someone out there waiting for you to get your nerd on.

Confidence without the vanity

Its easy to blur the thin line between confidence and vanity. The key is limits. People tend to respect and appreciate confidence in a potential partner but not to the point that it makes them feel belittled. If vanity is your thing, you may be chasing people away because of your lack of attention to their needs and feelings. So put down that mini mirror and instead focus a bit on the feelings of your significant other. A bit of appreciation and compliments (void of flattery), towards your partner, can make a big difference. Fully invest in their days, experiences and what’s important to them – And you will find that the feelings will be easily reciprocated.

Your own personal legend

Have a vision for your future. A path to what you want to achieve. Having long and short term goals are very attractive qualities to have. They signal two things: that you are well grounded and that you have a lot going on besides the relationship. No one likes to be suffocated, therefore having individualism is key to maintaining a healthy relationship and making you much more desirable.


Your personality is dictated by your everyday experiences and beliefs. It is the one thing that you cannot lie about in a relationship. Even if you are the sexiest person alive but have zero quality personality – The likelihood of maintaining a great relationship is minimal. Having a personality that compliments your partner will be much more meaningful. conversations will be funnier and deeper. It will be easier to get each other on a mental and emotional level. Appearance fades over time however personality is the glue that will keep the relationship together. Not fancy venues or being around other fun people. In the end is just the two of you that will be staring into each other before bed.


Many people underestimate the importance of stability in a relationship. It is in fact one of the most attractive qualities to draw in your potential life partner. Not being emotionally, physically, mentally and financially stable could be a detriment in your next relationship. Therefore in order to meet your perfect partner, make sure you don’t fall short in any of these areas. Make sure that you area happy and in love with yourself before you venture out to love others. Make sure that you have dealt with any insecurities before entering a relationship. If this means taking years to better yourself and feel internally complete – then do this! You will find that you are able to be more happy in a relationship once you acquire and maintain an inner stability.

Empathy coupled with compassion

Empathy and compassion are attractive qualities for several reasons. It shows that you are somebody that loves and can be loved. Your potential partner will realize that you are someone that is sensitive to their feelings and will be there when times get rough. It also signals your capacity to be a loving parent which is often the end goal in most relationships. Therefore show empathy and compassion in and out of your relationship. Don’t let it be a chore though. The process should be natural and never forced.

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