Millenials and Technology: What They Bring To The Table

You may have noticed the difference in the way things are done between different “generation groups” in the workplace. In fact, one generation known as the “Millenials” are becoming noticeable for their unusual work ethic. The work place is becoming more and more consumed with Millenials and therefore company culture is also adapting to accommodate this growing workforce. Many other generations, often with deviating viewpoints may be in disagreement with the ways in which millenials approach work, however many beg to differ. They see the new methods in which millenials solve problems as innovative and cutting edge. One such example of this, is the way in which Millenials and technology gel together.

Millenials and Technology: What They Bring To The Table

If you are a millenial or are in close working relationship with one, here are some tips on how to leverage millenials and technology to solve business problems effectively:

If you are a Millenial:

Millenials are fortunate because they were born in an age when technology was rife. They attended schools and universities where manual calculations were termed outdated and computers were considered mandatory for the simplest of arithmetic. Therefore Millenials and technology became somewhat of a team – which is why today it is so easy for them to incorporate it in all facets of their life from social media to complex spreadsheets. If you are a Millenial, here is how you can leverage your skills to move up the career ladder:

The greatest benefit of technology is how simple it can make our lives. I mean just pick up your phone today. You will see that it can easily replace the purpose of a computer; everything at your fingertips. Therefore the workplace shouldn’t be any different. If you are in a bigger company, you will already start to notice how they are shifting towards incorporating technology in their business processes. This is to accommodate the relationship between Millenials and technology. If this is not the case, often in smaller companies – your job as a Millenial is to suggest how inclusion of technology can improve the way the business will operate.

In the case where the technology is already available, you then need to look at how you can make the best of this technology to make your job easier and also benefit the business. In a world where only the technological tech savvy giants are making it big – you will be seen as a valuable asset. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Become a master at excel. Use this to automate spreadsheets which makes your job easier. Excel is also accessible in most companies.
  • Research new tools and software on the market and introduce them to senior managers
  • Learn basic data science to make informed decisions
  • Learn how the companies information systems work and use this to gather business data

If you are working with Millenials and technology:

If you are working with Millenials, you are likely to feel overwhelmed with the relationship between Millenials and technology. It can be daunting. This is especially because you were born in a generation in which technology was uncommon. You may often feel the reluctance to change and want to hold on to old methods. This is a natural tendency. You may be thinking:”why fix something that’s not broken.” However if you think this way, it can be greatly detrimental to your career. Because one of the greatest things you can do¬† for your career is to embrace the Millenial generation. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Have an open mind. This often means losing the pride and listening to Millenials offer better ways of doing things. They may not have the tacit knowledge that you do, however they are skilled at doing things effectively with technology.
  • If you are a manager, ask for suggestions. A difference in opinions can do wonders.

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