The Best Reasons For How To Explain Your Job Hopping Resume

The world is changing it’s way of thinking. Today “millennials” are constantly seeking change and better opportunities. According to another article published on linkedin, millenials do job hopping more than any other generation. According to another article published by Forbes, millenials are job hopping because they are open to relocation and the stigma of job hopping has been on the decline. However, companies are usually much more accepting of job hoppers if they are tactful in their approach.




If the process of job hoping is rash and often unjustified,  employers  start to question a candidates loyalty and commitment. From a candidates perspective, it can be quite difficult explaining the reasons behind their job hopping resume. To ensure that you utilize job hopping in the appropriate way, you need to ensure that you are switching companies for the right reasons. Here are a few reasons you should job hop:


You were looking for growth

This is one of the best reasons to explain your job hopping resume. Remember the only way to grow is to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. Having a mentor is therefore of utmost necessity. Therefore indicating to employers that the reason behind your job hopping resume was growth and new experience – it indicates to your prospective employer that you are a voracious learner with vast technical skills and continuous commitment to learning. Just be able to substantiate why how you reached a ceiling in your development in your previous companies.


Poor Company culture

Another great reason to explain your job hopping resume is poor company culture. This is a good reason since it indicates that you are motivated above just monetary compensation. A company will thus see you as someone who has values and who is intrinsically motivated. It also suggests that you are willing to commit long term to a company if they share the same values that you uphold. However, this reason should not be used if you come from companies that are well known for their great company culture.


You wanted to experience something different

If your job hopping resume includes various different positions in different companies – a great reason to justify this would be to explain that you wanted to experience a new job to expand your skill set. You can then leverage your abilities to explain how it can make you more valuable to the company. Employers are usually sensitive to a candidates need for change and new experiences – therefore they are more likely to be accepting of your job hopping status. This again further indicates your intrinsic motivation i.e. your internal goals of being better and improving yourself.


A note of caution:

Although the above are useful reasons to justify your job hopping resume, you need to ensure that you are not using them carelessly. Always make a hundred percent certain that moving companies are in your best interest. It is never a good idea to constantly switch jobs within a short span of time. This shows your lack of commitment and sends out a red flag to employers. Always be prepared to have rough spots in your career. Therefore try to make things work before being hasty with your decisions.

Another word of caution : try not to use money as a reason behind your job hopping resume. This is sort of self-implied. Many people are aware that job jumping aligns your salary with market related salaries. Your interviewer does not need to know this – leave this to when the salary negotiations begin.

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