35 Ways For How To Get Promoted At Work

Getting a promotion at work is probably on the career bucket list of every aspiring professional. The sad thing however, is that just having a great work ethic isn’t all that is necessary to climb the corporate ladder. Here are 50 way for how to get promoted at work.

101 Ways For How To Get Promoted At Work
  • Stop gossiping; gossiping is for those that don’t have productive things to do
  • Carve a niche for yourself; make yourself indispensable
  • Study the promotion system from those that have already succeeded
  • Choose your assignments/projects carefully; they will determine what people remember you for
  • Get noticed by the right people; even if it is for the smallest thing
  • Enjoy what you are doing; if you are not then a promotions isn’t going to help
  • Exude confidence in your abilities; make others want to trust you
  • Work for the future; start learning about the new role
  • Close gaps in your weaknesses
  • Set objectives/targets and exceed them
  • never complain; instead find solutions to problems
  • look for opportunities to show case your abilities
  • understand the business you work for
  • Know and exude the company culture
  • Make your boss look good
  • Address corporate issues and problems
  • Act one step ahead
  • Think one step ahead
  • Show leadership in whatever you do
  • Be on the right side of the people that matter
  • Be likable
  • Study the competition
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Develop a career growth plan
  • Be calm when the “Shit hits the fan”
  • Practice “win win” situations in business
  • Learn to develop interdependent relationships
  • Continuously grow and develop yourself
  • Get people to assume that you have already made the jump
  • Have an opinion
  • Stand by your decisions
  • Spend time with senior staff
  • Find a good mentor
  • Speak the language
  • Apply yourself

When it comes to advice on how to get promoted at work; there is no quick fix. There is always someone better or more experienced than you in the job market. Therefore to stand out means taking initiative to develop yourself, work hard and impress the right people. How to get promoted at work requires a huge time commitment; therefore be sure to choose a profession that adds meaning and purpose to your life – this will make it much more satisfying and easy to move up the corporate ladder.

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