Fun Careers In Business That Will Grow Your Mind

Everyday millenials are getting more and more fussy about job satisfaction. They are not only demanding good salaries but also job satisfaction to be in accordance with their intrinsic motivations. So if you are one of these people, behold. Here are fun careers in business that will also expand your mind.

Fun Careers In Business That Will Grow Your Mind

Data Scientist

Data is the new buzz word in business. It is therefore no surprise that careers centered around data acquisition and interpretation is in high demand. If you are one of those people that like to incorporate modern day technology with statistics, then this is the career for you. What makes data science fun is seeing the pattern in numbers. As a data scientist you will be tasked with observing trends to help make better business decisions. Data scientist can also be particularly interesting if linked to psychology. Often people with a psychology background can use data science to helping the marketing departments of companies interpret human behavior. The end result is understanding customer requirements to better service their needs.

Business Process Engineer

Business process re-engineering is the task of evaluating a business process and helping make more informed decisions to better streamline it. This can be in a range of companies from bank to Disney Land itself. What makes this career fun but also intellectually stimulating is the systems thinking that it involves. You will be required to learn about a plethora of different job roles and then work out how they fit together; its like solving one giant problem. In terms of fun careers in business, this is one of the best.

Management Consultant

Management consultants, also known as strategic consultants are at the forefront of top tier consulting firms such and Mkinsey and Bain. These companies usually employ top candidates from the best colleges. If you are looking for fun careers in business, then add this to your list. Management consultants have the fun job of working in different companies offering services to improve turnaround , reduce costs and improve efficiencies to mention a few. The long working hours and travel is something to get accustomed to, however if you are one that enjoys solving business problems, this is a career to consider. Skills learnt in this career can often be translated into starting your own business.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are the magicians when it comes to making money decisions. They often analyze data for companies to allow them to make sound investment decisions. This means assessing the performance of stocks, bonds and other investments. What makes this career fun and stimulating is analyzing numbers and then linking finding with market conditions. If you love learning about how current affairs affects the way securities are bought and sold, then this career is perfect for you.

These are just a few of the many career options that are both fun and intellectually stimulating in business. However, the best way to learn what you love is through a process of trial and error. With consistent effort, you will eventually find what you love doing.

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