5 Smart People Search Tips To Grow Your Network

If you are reading this article, then you are probably aware of the benefits that come with being surrounded by smart people. The list ranges from having a potential mentor to propel your career forward to being motivated. A study done showed that being surrounded by smart people actually makes us more innovative.…. interesting indeed! But how and where do you find these smart people?  Here’s five smart people search tips to get you on your way to establishing a stronger intellectual network of intelligent people.

5 Smart People Search Tips To Grow Your Network


Smart people search tip 1: Use social media

Yes! one of the greatest advancements that have come with the age we live in, is in fact social media. Take advantage of sites like linkedin and Github to connect with like minded and smart people. It’s simple, try to send a good intro message to show  them that you are making an effort. 80% of the time, the people you want to connect with also want to meet other smart people and so will likely accept your invitation. Next keep in contact or just learn from them through their feeds and posts.


Smart people search tip 2: Make use of smart people

One of the easiest ways to expand your circle of friends – is through existing friends. Make use of your smart friends to introduce you to other smart people. This could be through social gatherings like book reviews or hobby groups. Remember that fitting in may be a problem if you are not used to being around a group of nerdy people – however showing them that you are genuinely interested in what they do will help; never force it though – being a fake friend isn’t worth it.


smart people search tip 3: find the smart people hideouts

While some people prefer night clubs, smart people prefer more intellectually stimulating environments like:

  • libraries
  • Book stores
  • Debate gatherings
  • Science fares
  • Exhibitions
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Plays etc.

Find out the type of smart people you want to be around and find out where they hide out during their spare time. Soon this will be your new spot too.


Smart search tip 4: Join organizations

There are a multitude of organizations that exist that make it easier to meet people from similar educational backgrounds or careers. Find out which ones appeal to you and immediately you will have something in common with the many smart people who are part of the organization. Do you know that there are organizations like Mensa which aims to connect high IQ people to one another.


Smart search tip 5: online forums

Online forums are not only great for answering questions and learning but also for meeting smart people. Most people on these forums are friendly enough to share their emails for the purpose of exchanging ideas or information. If not, the forum itself will get you connected enough with people that are great at spreading useful knowledge.


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