5 Signs That You May Be Smarter Than Your Boss

You may have that feeling or sense that you could do a better job than your boss. You may even think that you may be smarter than the managers that govern your every move. Sometimes it’s your own ego playing tricks on you while other times this idea you have concocted may actually hold some truth. Here are a few signs which may indicate that you are smarter than that boss of yours:

5 Signs That You May Be Smarter Than Your Boss: two associates walking

They ask you to revise your work

This is a common one. You have just finished a long lengthy report, filled with calculations and complex reasoning then submit it proudly to your boss. Within minutes you are sent an email to simplify your idea or provide detailed instructions. This could be a sign that he/she does not have the time but if it occurs on a perpetual basis – It could mean that your boss doesn’t not possess the technical acumen that you do.

They fear innovation and change

If you are smart then learning and unlearning things may be simple practice to you. You understand that being ahead of the crowd means continuously re-inventing yourself and finding new and improved methods of doing things efficiently. If however, you find that when you do this your boss is often uneasy and frustrated about the changes – It could mean that he is not well equipped with change and adaptability. These are signs of a weak mind-set and possibly puts you one up in the smart category over your boss.

They are unfamiliar with industry jargon

In whatever industry you may be, there are common jargon that all technical affluent individuals should know. When rising up the ladder you will come across these terms and often turn to your manager to provide insight on them. It may be difficult for your manager to be familiar with every single concept within your field but having a fairly good knowledge is a must. Lack of it indicates that he/she is not accustomed to continuous learning and lacks the knowledge to make higher level decisions let alone manage technically minded staff.

They feel insecure or threatened

If your manager sees you as a threat i.e. never gives your credit or opportunity to shine – This could mean that he/she is afraid that you may be smarter. The prospect of you overtaking them frightens them and they often stifle your growth my restraining tacit knowledge which they feel will give them an upper hand. The best way to overcome such a dilemma is to find a mentor that is willing to help or move on to a company where you aren’t the smartest in the room.

You are academically stronger

Qualification is in no way is the only sign of intelligence or success. There are many industry professionals with a bare minimum qualification that are smarter than college level counterparts. However, in a lot of cases, a degree or higher qualification equips you with skills that are hard to come by. If you are more qualified than your boss this may be that you could possibly be smarter.

It is always important to be humble in the workplace. I have found that even the shop floor personnel may have knowledge that can help you grow as a person. Never judge or assume character by intelligence and you will already be showing signs of intelligence beyond your years.

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