How To Stay Motivated In School And Ensure Success

Being a student can be difficult – especially with the rules and structure enforced by schools. This has it’s advantages like enforcing discipline and good habits but they can also stifle creativity; but that’s a story for a different day. This post is about how to stay motivated in school and to make the most out of your schooling career – so lets get straight to it!


How To Stay Motivated In School And Ensure Success


Do Extracurricular activities

One of the most exciting and useful method for how to stay motivated in school is to carry out extracurricular activities. These not only improves your softer skills like teamwork and leadership but can also be great health wise. The extracurriculars can either be a good break  from studies or alternatively, exercise can release endorphins which will make you feel much happier.


Get excited about your career – this will motivate you to study better

Another great way for how to stay motivated in school involves finding your career calling. This might be a lot to ask of yourself at such a young age however it does not need to be something you stick to – you are allowed to change your mind as you get older and approach university. The key here is to find out what school is leading up-to – it is great if there is reasoning behind why you are going to school in the first place. This will also motivate you to prioritize the subjects which are likely to be entrance requirements for what you want to pursue as a career.


Play on your strengths

A good way to stay motivated at school is to pursue things that you are good at. This may not always be an option; however as you get to senior grades there is often a choice as to which type of subjects you want to study. Always choose those that you like and which will help you pursue the career you want. If you do this you will be much more inclined to perform better.


Find the right crowd

Choosing the right crowd at school can seriously affect your motivation. Always choose friends that are going to support you and those who have similar values and goals. If you end up choosing the wrong crowd – you will end up in a peer pressure situation which will come in the way of your happiness and success. As a rule, stay away from people that demotivate, discourage or abuse you in anyway. If you want to be a great soccer player – don’t join the music students; it never works. Achieving what you want requires you to get out of your comfort zone and explore new territories.


Go for extra tuition

If doing poorly is the reason behind you lack of motivation – then tuition can be an excellent method for how to stay motivated in school. For subjects that you are weak at – this can help supplement the knowledge gap. If tuition is too expensive, consider group learning or asking a peer for assistance. Remember everyone is good at something; exchanging of assistance is a great way to learn from each other and save time.


Get a bit of healthy competition

Healthy competition can be a fun way to keep you motivated. Don’t take it too seriously though i.e. to the point that you get depressed about it. Finding someone to keep you on your toes and maintain a bit of “positive pressure” will keep you excited about doing better. If you choose to compete with yourself – measure your own performance and give yourself a pat on the back each time you accomplish something.

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