How To Be Happy No Matter What Life Throws At You

If you feel great about life, then you probably already have the happiness thing covered. However, if  “happiness” to you is like finding a needle in a hay stack – this will probably be a worthwhile read. The century we live in is ruthless – then again every century was ruthless except they differed by the challenges people were faced with. The 21st century might not bring you troubles like duels or sword fights however they do take a toll on the mind and spirit. This often leaves many with the question: How to be happy no matter what life throws at you?

How To Be Happy No Matter What Life Throws At You

If you are keen on learning of to change the way you view life and to gain answers for the age old question: how to be happy no matter what life throws at you? then read these tips to help you change your mindset.

Change your perception now

One of the biggest issues people face is that they are never willing to embrace the different dimensions of happiness. The truth is happiness is relative. Therefore being able to shift your perspective and holistically see the positive outcome in everything will be of great benefit towards achieving happiness. E.g. a man that gets a demotion automatically sees this as a failure which brings about depression. He sees the obvious loss which is material wealth and prestige.

However if he were to look closer, he would see that the lower paying job freed up time in his schedule to spend time with family; furthermore it reduced stressed levels giving him better health and also the time to pursue the hobbies and interests he had forgotten about. Little does he know that 2 years down the line, because of the free time and clarity he acquires that he will be able to become and entrepreneur which will make him a lot more that the stressful job he lost. This is a hypothetical case – but you get the picture. Did you see how a seemingly bad situation can be viewed in a positive light merely by shifting the mind’s perspective. The mind is capable of extraordinary things if we trust in it – it always finds work arounds to solve your problems.

Find people to share the happiness with

One of the greatest pleasures and source of happiness is spending time with friends and family. Spending time with loved one’s is the one thing that doesn’t require a price tag. I’m sure you have watched that movie Surviving Christmas starring Ben Affleck. The movie basically revolves around a wealthy guy (Ben Affleck) who has all the money in the world but no family to spend it with; so he pays a family to spend Christmas with him. This story clearly shows that money isn’t all and true happiness comes from spending time with loved ones.

Find your life passion and help others in the process

Finding what you are passionate about either in your career or personal life is the best thing you can do to secure your happiness. This is the fundamental way to be happy no matter what. The thing about doing what you are passionate about is that it puts you in a state of flow. When you are in this state, there is no stopping you from achieving what you set out to. Furthermore there is no inherent reliance on achieving monetary compensation. When you find your passion, you will see that helping others and seeing the bigger role you play in the universe will become easily noticeable.

Continuously learn and experience new things

Has mentioned before, the ability to learn and experience new things is not only important for brain health but also for gaining happiness. We have a finite time on earth, so it is our duty to learn and experience what life has to offer. Read books and acquire knowledge which you can share with others. Climb Mount Everest or learn to dance if you are less adventurous. Whatever it is, never stop trying out new things.

You may have noticed that money doesn’t qualify on the list of how to be happy no matter what life throws at you. This is not because it is evil or not nice to have around. It is because happiness acquired through possessions and money are short-lived. How many fast cars or fancy houses can you own before boredom strikes? This is the reason why the extremely wealthy yet unbalanced people often spend exorbitant amounts of money on expensive items.

On the contrary more balanced wealthy people like Bill Gates prefers to spend his wealth helping others and being a polymathic learner due to the free time money has afforded him. The only reason for gaining wealth should be to support your lifestyle of freedom. Therefore it is always important to quantify your financial goals. How much do you need to have the freedom to follow your passion and do the things you love?

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