Why You Have The “I Do Nothing All Day” Feeling

Picture this: you are at home staring mindlessly at the television. This is the second time you have watched the same movie this week, and a thought just crosses your mind as you come to a shocking self realization; “you do nothing all day” or at least nothing that adds value to your life. Whether this is you during weekends or at work when you find yourself being unproductive; the “I do nothing all day” feeling can leave you feeling worthless.

But why do people have this feeling? lets uncover the truth. Find out how you can change your life from “I do nothing all day” to “this was a day to remember.”

Why You Have The "I Do Nothing All Day" Feeling

Understanding what drives you:

One of the main reasons why people waste their time during work or weekends; is that they don’t know what drives them. How can you expect to be productive when you don’t even know what your goals for the day are. One of the greatest investments you can make in your life is to first understand what it is that drives you. What is that one thing that intrinsically motivates you? If you can couple this with your life purpose, you will not only find that your drive and flow increases but also your perspective on life. You will become naturally inclined to achieve your goals and inspired to unlock your greatness while being in the service of others. All successful people that used their days effectively had this in common. They focused on their strengths and targeted them to achieve goals; which were aligned to their self proclaimed purposes. You too can go from “I do nothing all day” to “I am one step closer to realizing my dreams.” The ball is in your court, make the play count.

Understanding procrastination:

Another fundamental reason why people tend to feel unproductive is procrastination. Everyday people experience the daunting feeling of not wanting to “Start.” They often put off tasks that are critical to achieving their goals. Procrastination could be due to a number of reasons, ranging from:

  • The fear that you will fail at a task
  • When a task is mundane or difficult it can be discouraging to begin
  • There are other distractions that take away your focus

So how do you deal with procrastination so that you can spend your time more meaningfully? the solution lies in setting goals and aligning them with a schedule. Although this alone may not fully solve the problem; together with willpower and the ability to form healthy habits – the task will be very achievable. Another great way to look at it, is just “do it.” It’s popular in the Nike ads because it makes sense. According to the book by Mel Robbins; there is a small period (5 seconds) after we decide to do something before doubt and procrastination sets in. If we can overcome this doubt just before it’s onset then we will be on the road to victory. Even small steps of progress can be enough to continuously drive you to the finish line. You can read about elements of the five second rule on her website.

Burnout and how to overcome it

Burnout could be another reason why some people have the “I do nothing all day” feeling. Often disappointments, failures or excessive workloads can put people in a perpetual state of stagnation. The body and mind is like any other machine. It requires rest in order to perform at it’s peak. Burnout can often lead to depression and stress which result in insomnia. This can therefore result in zombies taking over the world aimlessly walking through life. If you are one of these zombies, why not take a step back. Go on one of those mini-retirements you have been promising yourself. Look into that change of career you have been contemplating for years. Alternatively take the time to pursue that love interest. The point here is to start afresh and restart that mind. Practicing mindfulness can also help calm the mind and bring about relaxation.

As you can, we can all fall prey to the trap of wasting time and procrastinating. In controlled limits, doing nothing all day could be good for you; however in the long run it can leave you feeling depressed and directionless. Therefore take the time to identify why you are feeling the way you are; and use this post or other resources to take back your life of productivity. There is nothing better than living a life where you feel accomplished at the end of the day. It all starts with you! Go change the world, the way you know how.

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