101 Ways To Transform Your life Starting Today!

We all want to change something in our lives or in some cases just transform in all entirety how we live our lives. To help on your journey of self discovery, Mindspurt has compiled a list of 101 ways to transform your life.

101 Ways To Transform Your life Starting Today!

Read on to discover 101 ways to transform your life starting today:

  1. Try something new

  2. Embrace change

  3. Learn everyday

  4. Read everyday

  5. Practice perspective taking exercises

  6. Mindfulness and meditation

  7. Find what you love

  8. Do what you love

  9. Find someone to love

  10. Care for others

  11. Find your purpose

  12. Live your purpose

  13. Develop good habits

  14. Be persistent

  15. Start a hobby

  16. Make short term goals

  17. Make long term goals

  18. Believe in yourself

  19. Be great at something

  20. Never give up!

  21. Spoil yourself

  22. Practice positive affirmations

  23. Have a worthwhile course

  24. Give to others

  25. Fight for your rights

  26. Make friends

  27. Experience something new

  28. Learn at least 3 new things everyday

  29. Never have anything in excess

  30. Enjoy the small things in life

  31. Save for retirement

  32. Enjoy life everyday

  33. Enjoy the journey it is better than the destination

  34. Show up!

  35. Listen to inspirational music

  36. Dance the night away

  37. Don’t jump to conclusions

  38. Think before you act

  39. Cherish each moment

  40. Plan for the future but embrace the present

  41. Take pictures

  42. Travel

  43. Embrace new cultures

  44. Learn a new language

  45. Get a college degree

  46. Get work experience

  47. Never close doors

  48. Never stay in a place that makes you feel trapped

  49. Don’t hold grudges

  50. Get rid of people that are causing you pain

  51. Know that the bad times pass

  52. Have a vision board

  53. Become a polymathic thinker

  54. Exercise regularly

  55. Eat healthy

  56. Increase your willpower

  57. Improve your intuition

  58. Put your name on something – build a legacy

  59. Love your career

  60. Start a family

  61. Have faith that you will succeed

  62. Learn about the mind – there is nothing that is more powerful

  63. Eliminate fear

  64. Take calculated risks

  65. Save for your future

  66. Trust only yourself

  67. Smile

  68. Be a kindred spirit

  69. Don’t wait for opportunities; make opportunities

  70. Don’t focus on too much

  71. Take a deep breath – this is where it starts

  72. Listen to your parents – but make your own mistakes

  73. Take the advice of elders

  74. Don’t blow things out of proportion – there may be worse to come so don’t stress about it

  75. Grow a shell – there’s some pretty mean people out there

  76. Surround yourself by people who do the things you think are impossible

  77. Spend time to find your strengths

  78. Only focus on your strengths

  79. Know what your decisions are driven by

  80. Have values and live by them

  81. Mirror the people who inspire you

  82. Don’t waste excess time on non-value adding activities like social media

  83. Read inspirational quotes

  84. Watch Ted Talks

  85. Don’t build a career; build a life

  86. Allow yourself to change

  87. Become a bigger picture thinker

  88. Take baby steps – its the daily things that accumulate

  89. Be happy no matter what life throws at you

  90. Choose your college major carefully

  91. Find a mentor

  92. See failures as lessons

  93. Never make the same mistake twice

  94. Network with smart people

  95. Don’t let society dictate your life

  96. Don’t let society dictate how you spend your money

  97. Be proud of your accomplishments

  98. Never settle

  99. Be compassionate

  100. Invest time on your dreams

  101. Have a side hustle

This 101 ways to transform your life isn’t an instant miracle. It requires hard work and dedication to achieve a life transformation you can be proud of. So there you go; the list is long so get cracking.

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