You Are Practicing Mindfulness… And May Not Even Know It!

If you are reading this article then you have heard or benefited from the act of mindfulness. In simple terms, it can be characterized as the act of living in the present moment – fully immersed in the beauty of your surroundings and the activity you are in engaged in. The benefits are evident by many articles and books illustrating the fact that it fosters a healthier, more productive and enjoyable life. It allows you to focus and therefore carry out tasks efficiently with great enjoyment. Many people have adopted mindfulness in their daily living while others are more reluctant. The time commitment and lack of understanding of its full benefits often leave mostly reluctant to join the crusade. This article serves as a motivation for those “on the fence onlookers.” Here are a few great examples where you may unknowingly be practicing mindfulness:

Going to the beach is an effective setting for practicing mindfulness

However simple and free this activity may be, it is an activity loved and enjoyed by most. I remember growing up with the innate excitement on “beach day”. My mind was trained to know the excitement that was soon to be unraveled. When we finally got there, it was as if I had magically teleported to a place where nothing else mattered – not the past, or the future just the present. I felt everything with all my senses working in unison. The sand between my toes, the rays of the sun striking of the clear water and especially the cold waves that gushed feverishly onto my body. At that moment, I could not put a term to the joy I felt…. But today I know it to be mindfulness. To this day, as you may too, – I still experience and enjoy practicing mindfulness when going to the beach which makes me believe that with effort the task can be extrapolated to all areas of life with practice and commitment.

You Are Practicing Mindfulness... And May Not Even Know It
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Spending time with those you love

Humans are social beings. We hear this perpetually. We are wired to naturally thrive by loving and caring for one another although the news may say otherwise. You may have experienced the positive effects of good company or better still spending time with the one’s you love. If you have passed your younger years…. reminiscent back to a date with your first love. Remember the butterflies and excitement you were feeling. The concentrated focus of your mind on only one thing-the beautiful girl or handsome guy in front of you. You may have spent hours talking to him or her, yet it seemed like minutes.  Well I have news for you… this was you practicing mindfulness and your probably didn’t even know it. It’s no wonder that the great Albert Einstein, knew this before everyone else. Read the quote below to see what I mean.

practicing mindfulness - albert einstein relativity quote

Eating your favorite food

You have probably been really hungry at your favorite restaurant waiting for the order to come through. And when it finally does, you make everything else take the backseat. All that matters is the aroma of the spices and the warmth that fills the void caused by an empty tummy. For that few moments, the only thing that really matters is satisfying your hunger – another great example of you practicing mindfulness.

practicing mindfulness - man eating lots of food
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Listening to music

People listen to music for different reasons. Whatever they may be, the one thing that’s certain is that music evokes feelings that often take us to different moments in life. After a break-up, love songs are often what teens like to play on repeat. It allows them to reminiscent about the times they had spent with the one they lost. Essentially music allows you to live in a past moment away from distractions. Others use it as a way to focus on the voice of the artist while blocking out other thoughts. Irrespective of music is used, the one thing in common is it’s ability to invoke mindfulness effortlessly.

practicing mindfulness - girl happily listening to music with headphones

Learning about something that you love

If you are like me, overly obsessed about learning new things – then you are probably a “googaholic” too. You may sometimes find yourself so enthused by a specific topic that your voracious appetite puts you in a state of flow. Moving from site to site, not even knowing how much time as passed but being so into the knowledge that was growing within you. This obsession is passion and often is a bye-product of mindfulness. Being immersed in something you really enjoy reading or learning can keep you busy for hours without it even seeming like work i.e. my friend is the power of practicing mindfulness.

practicing mindfulness - two women deeply interested in work

Hopefully this article has shed some lights into the potent effects of mindfulness and will help you to transcend the practice of mindfulness from one area of life to every part of it. You will soon come to realize that mindfulness will allow you to again focus on the smaller things in life which we often take for granted or forget about in this modern time we live in.

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