Why And How To Be A Persistent Person To Achieve Success

Persistence can be described as that invisible force that drives someone to victory. It is what separates the winners from the losers; and the “serious people” from the jokers. Being a persistent person may also refer to the quality some possess to keep moving forward despite the odds being stacked against them.

Why And How To Be A Persistent Person To Achieve Success

Qualities of a persistent person:

  • They have found their purpose
  • Have a strong desire coupled with faith to support their purpose
  • They have clear plans of action
  • Persistent people never experience failures; only lessons

Why is being a persistent person so important:

What if everything in life was as simple as clicking your fingers. Imagine everyone being able to attain success without much effort. The fact is this would result in chaos – despite how attractive this may seem in your mind. So as with all other things; mother nature clearly devised a way to separate those that are serious about a specific goal from those that are just passing time. The obstacles placed before us that seem like a hindrance to our goals are merely there to assert how badly we want to achieve something; this makes the feeling of finally attaining it all the more satisfactory. Therefore the only way to reach our goals is to work at it and give it the level of persistence it so rightfully deserves.

Examples of people who showed persistence in achieving their goals:

  • Elon Musk made about 6 failed rocket attempts before making SpaceX a success. Check out this cool infographic for more details along with all his other failures glazed with consistent signs of persistence.
  • Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before finally achieving one of the most successful automotive companies we know today.
  • Thomas Edison made 1000 attempts at the light bulb before attaining success.

How to become more persistent

The key driver for persistence is having a firm purpose/goal. If you haven’t already decided what this is, then spend a significant time working on this. Once you have done this, it is of vital importance that you make a firm decision. In the pursuit of success, it only those with solid goals that attain the fruits of success. Once you make up your mind, burn all bridges and thoughts of failure. In your mind tell yourself that there is only one direction to move i.e. that is forward.

The next step is to have the desire and faith to achieve what you set as your goal. Desire can only come from a deep longing. E.g. someone wanting to become a doctor may be driven by a deep desire to help people. Whatever your goal, ensure that you have the desire to keep you motivated during times where you just feel like throwing in the towel.

The final step is to have clear plans and actions. If you know where you are going but have no map to get there; then you are surely to get lost. Devising a clear set of plans and taking actions with it, will allow you to measure how effective your methods are.

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