The “Less Is More Meaning” For Inner Fulfillment

understanding the “less is more meaning” simply means understanding the minimalist lifestyle. It means detaching yourself from materialism and understanding that you don’t need loads of wealth to be happy. This post will delve deeper into why minimalism can bring you inner fulfillment so that you can decide if it is the path you would like to walk.

Understanding The "Less Is More Meaning" Will Bring You Inner Fulfillment

De-cluttering Your Mind

One of the benefits of minimalism is reduction in complexity. This comes in the form of reduced stress, burdens or even commitments. The attachment or pursuit of material wealth often comes with responsibility and worries therefore detaching oneself from these things brings somewhat of a calmness of mind. This can be used as a method for de-cluttering the mind. When you are less concerned about making more money, paying of debts, or what people think about the car you are driving – this inadvertently clears your mind. You have less to worry about and more time for blissful thinking.

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The Disadvantages Of Too Much

According to an article written by Quartz; humans are continuously seeking. Seeking better jobs, more money or even better relationships. There is never an end to wanting more. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing if the goals you are pursuing are healthy. However, if the pursuit of wealth and material objects hurts your relationships or your personal wellbeing; you may have a problem. The key is to always have a value system that serves as your moral compass.

The Importance Of Rejection

A part of understanding the “less is more meaning” aka minimalism is understanding that you can never have or experience everything. This means that you need to come to terms with the word rejection; which in simple terms means saying no to too many options. Having too many choices makes you unhappy according to the paradox of choice and also reduces your depth of involvement. If for e.g. you invest time in learning 5 musical instruments; you will at most become average at playing each instrument. However if you invest the same time in one instrument; the result will be excellence which can bring your true fulfillment and happiness. Use Warren Buffet’s 25/5 rule to find the areas where you truly want to invest time in growth. Write down your 25 most important career goals then circle the top five and forget about the rest. Spend your time nurturing the top five until you achieve success.

Examples To Illustrate The: “Less Is More Meaning”

If you are not yet convinced that having less can actually bring you more happiness; here are a few examples to strengthen the point:

  • Eating less can make you look physically fit and also give you a positive self-image
  • Choosing to specialize in one career path can make you indispensable and also highly paid. If you spend your time mastering a particular trait you will be in a position to accomplish more in less time. In essence your productivity and earning potential rises
  • If you choose the minimalist lifestyle – you will have less responsibilities and therefore can take more risks which may bring you more happiness. For e.g. if you have a high paying job; dropping everything and going backpacking across the world is not an easy decision. Couple this with you being in a serious relationship and it makes it almost impossible. This is not the case if you are following the minimalist lifestyle.

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