Power Of Vision Boards To Achieve Goals

You would have probably come across the term “vision board” in just about every self-help article you read. Many successful and sometimes famous people have endorsed the idea of vision boards as they have seen their benefits.

Power Of Vision Boards To Achieve Goals

If you are skepticalĀ and still not convinced about the power of vision boards; here are some of the many advantages of how they can be used to achieve your goals:

They remind you of what you want

We often rush through life – often moving at such a fast pace that we lose track of our true aspirations. As a result, we end up going through life on autopilot often chasing a goal void of happiness. Sometimes it just takes one little reminder to nudge us in the right direction. If you feel that you fall in this category, then power of vision boards will help you remember what your true direction is. Think of it as a life compass that redirects your life every time you take a detour. Your vision board should be so powerful, that every glance at it, triggers an emotion to set you on the right path. This can be in your career, personal life or just a goal you never got down to.

They help you imagine

Think of your brain as a factory churning out what you imagine. You are the owner of that factory and therefore only you can direct your brain to produce what you want. However, the design blueprint that you give your brain has to be detailed so that the right things get madeĀ  i.e. whatever your dreams are. So just saying you want to be a great surgeon, for example, isn’t as powerful as seeing yourself as a surgeon. That is the power of vision boards – they help you see the potential you have within.

Vision boards is an example of positive pressure

You can also extend the power of vision boards to “positive pressure”. Every time you look at your vision board and see that you haven’t accomplished what it is that you set out – your mind will automatically send a signal saying that you need to get your ass moving. Without this constant reminder – it is easy for all your dreams and goals to fall through the cracks.

The power of vision boards for perspective

We all need perspective in our lives. It is just that we are never willing to accept criticism or advice from others when we are heading in the wrong direction and need a perspective change. For example a power hungry CEO spending little time with his family will not be keen to hear that he has a time management problem. Therefore a vision board in this case can allow you to prioritize what is important and gain new perspective. It is normal to continuously change your vision board during different stages in your life – since we are likely to change as we mature; however the core of your vision board is unlikely to change.

Vision boards give you balance

You may balance your finances, shares or the meals you eat everyday – however do you balance your life? If not, then vision boards can easily help you in this endeavor. Vision boards make use of categories that represent different areas of your life – therefore it can be easy to see holistically in which areas you lack. You can then focus more efforts in improving these areas.

Vision boards evoke emotion

Imagine a great movie of your potential life…. what would it be about? vision boards allow you to have a taste of this using powerful imagery to trigger positive emotion. If you don’t believe it – read this post about images that bring out emotions. This not only helps to stay positive but also reduces anxiety. Therefore you can use vision boards as a powerful method to help maintain your positive mindset even during uncertain times.

So what are you waiting for? set forth and design that vision board today….. your future depends on it.

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