Why Death Is Good For Re-Evaluating Your life

It may be hard to imagine the word “good” and “death” in the same sentence; however in this case you are going to be surprised. As much as people have an innate fear of death – there is also a flipside. Death is good in the sense that it helps in re-evaluating your life. Find out why this is true in the text below.

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why death is good for re-evaluating your life?

It highlights one’s mortality

Death is good because it helps highlight one very fundamental thing which we often forget in the hustle and bustle of life i.e. we are all going to die. As young as you may be at the very moment of reading this article – death is inevitable; unless some immortality cure is invented. So what’s so good about reminding us that we are going to kick the bucket someday? Well knowing you are going to die is going to show you how precious your time really is and hopefully ensure that you don’t squander it doing things that don’t bring you happiness.

It helps you choose what values to live by

What are personal values? Well they are the guiding system by which you choose to live your life. They govern the decisions you make and how people see you. The kind of person you become, the decisions you make and the eventual impact you make is dictated by the values you set out for yourself. Death allows you to put things into perspective by helping you visualize how you want to be seen my those you leave behind when death eventually comes knocking. Do you want to be considered selfish or giving? Hardworking or lazy? Everyone want to live a life filled with purpose – and this all starts with their values.

It brings to light the philosophical nature of our existence

Death makes us realize that we are all just cogs in a giant machine. As special as we would like to feel; at the crux of it all – we play a part for a small period of time. Coming to terms with this makes us realize that our job is to enjoy our existence and help those around us as much as we can.

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