5 Lifelong Learning Examples To Enrich Your Life

Any pursuit in life could lead to lifelong learning;and any learning is bound to enrich your life in some way. So this list of lifelong learning examples is not an exhaustive. It is rather a means to group a few key areas you can focus on if you are a bit undecided.

10 Lifelong Learning Examples To Enrich Your Life

Learning about different countries

First on the list of lifelong learning examples is growing your knowledge about different countries. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to identify your next vacation destination; but also gives you lots to talk about at parties and dinners. Soon you will be known as one of the most exciting people to talk to because of your expert knowledge about different countries. In addition, travelling and learning about new places opens up your mind to new perspective which means that you can view the world much more clearly that most others.

Learning a new language

Learning a new language is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain (responsible for logic and math as well). You can do this together with your travelling pursuits which will make it much more interesting when interacting with foreign citizens. Here is a great post highlighting 10 benefits of learning a second language. According to the article:

  • learning a second language can boost your decision making skills. Research done proves that making decisions using a second language is more reason driven than if you would have used your native language.
  • It improves memory, problem solving, critical thinking skills, concentration, the ability to multitask and listen more effectively
  • It can also allow you to monitor changes in the environment more quickly as well as improve creativity.


Next on the list of lifelong learning examples is the self-development niche. Many people think that the self-development niche is a load of crap. In some cases it is just a case of frustration over not applying principles learnt. You need to realize that self-development is more of a personal mastery. It requires you to take control of your mind instead of it controlling you. This in turn will promote other positive habits like healthy eating, exercising and peace of mind. There is therefore both a practical and theoretical aspect to self-development.

Lacking the theoretical skills, you will never know how to change. Conversely lacking the practical skills will never give yourself the opportunity to change. Self- mastery is probably the most difficult lifelong learning examples you will come across because it involves confronting internal truths which are deeply buried in your subconscious mind. You may even find that unraveling these truths causes massive tremors in your value and belief system on which you based your whole life. However, despite the difficulty, the outcome will be far more rewarding.

Your career

We spend a great deal of lives at work; which is why choosing the correct college major and finding the right job is extremely important. But at the same time, we change as individuals. Therefore staying in one career can become monotonous. Therefore the key to staying motivated in your career is continuous self-development in your career path. This could change and does not need to be fixed; therefore having a career growth plan is extremely important. Revise this on a continuous basis and determine if what you wanted a few years ago still fits with who you are today. The next step is to always up-skill. Whether this is through gaining tacit knowledge in the workplace, short courses online or a completely new major. Whatever the case, continuous learning keeps things exciting. It:

  • expands your ability to become a polymathic thinker,
  • makes you more attractive for job applications and
  • changes neural pathways through the process of neuroplasticity.

Culture and traditions

Learning about different cultures and traditions is a part of this list of lifelong learning examples because it gives one the ability to better understand others. As humans we are interdependent creatures and rely on one another for sustenance. However we are all not the same in terms of our beliefs and views on life. Therefore learning about different cultures and traditions will give you a newfound understanding and tolerance towards others.

There you have it…. 5 solid lifelong learning examples to help you on your journey of self – enrichment. There will never be a stop to learning since there is no real end goal. You will find that the more you know the more questions emerge – but don’t let this dissuade you. Sometimes ignorance is not always bliss.

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