Intellectual Things To Talk About To Sound Smarter!

Most people want to look and sound intellectual. Coming off as intellectual means better networking opportunities which leads to better jobs. It also gives you an aura of sophistication which would could make you more attractive to the opposite sex. But one of the most beneficial use of looking and sounding intellectual is the ability to establish profound friendships and relationships with people.

intellectual things to talk about

But what is the magic formula of sounding smart? The answer lies in what you are talking about. Here are 5 intellectual things to talk about that will automatically make you a winner at any social gathering.

Your Explorations

One of the most fun yet intellectual things to talk about is your travels to foreign lands. Being able to talk about new cultures, people and experiences you have encountered gives people a sense of your profoundness. Apart from just sounding smart, you will also come off as easy going with a rich perspective. Meeting people from different backgrounds also gives you a new perspective. You will be able to better understand people which would make socializing much more pleasant.

Bonds And Equity

If you want to sound smart and knowledgeable; one of the most intellectual things to talk about is money management. Everything under the sun, even if it is a vague holistic view of how everything fits together. This includes understanding basic investment policies and securities, how to invest, how the markets are doing and current financial affairs. You will not only become more equipped to handle your own money but also become the go to person for financial advice. Who knows? a career in financial advisory may be your calling…. don’t hate it till you have tried it.


Psychology is not only one of the most intellectual things to talk about; but also applicable to most people. Knowing the basics of psychology can make it easier to interpret and help people. As a plus, friends will automatically start to see you as the Dr. Phil of the group. Be cautious however to not take things overboard. Trained psychologist study for years, and nothing replaces professional help.

Science And Technology

Science and technology, dreaded for some,yet vital to make the world go round. You don’t have to be the next Albert Einstein to be able to converse about general science and tech topics. All you need is a curiosity for learning and the rest will be easy. There is nothing more exciting than exploring how the world around you works. You may find yourself so engrossed in a topic with a fellow science fanatic that you wont want to stop.

These are just a few of the many avenues that you can explore with regards to intellectual things to talk about. The fact is, anything that you are passionate and knowledgeable about will make you sound smarter. The key is to find that passion and become a polymathic thinker. Learning makes you sound smarter and gives you a great deal of depth. Start your journey towards mental growth and you will never be disappointed.

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