Mission Statement Vs Purpose: How Are They Related?

A post was already written about why you should perform a mission statement exercise on a personal capacity; however a link between a mission statement vs purpose was not clearly established. This is what this most will explore.

Mission Statement Vs Purpose: How Are They Related?

The mind is complex and as much as it can bring us great success, it can also lose focus. Which is why having a purpose isn’t the only thing required for success. We need to guide our minds in the right direction; which is why both a mission statement and purpose is of utmost importance.

Why do we need a purpose?

Before looking at the importance of a mission statement in relation to a life purpose; let’s first establish the importance of finding your purpose.

A purpose is essentially discovering the direction you would like to go in life. For some, there is a false concept of purpose which is often guided by what society deems important. Moving up in your career for example holds more importance that lets say doing humanitarian work or following what you are passionate about. A true purpose however, is a beautiful agglomeration between your passions, what you love doing and the ability for you to transfer these skills to help others. If you manage to find this perfect mix then you my friend will experience true bliss. The discovery of your life purpose may not be an easy one and you may never really find it. However, the key is to keep trying new things until you do – the investment of time will be worth the trouble.

Mission statement vs purpose – understanding the link:

In life we are often driven by the wrong things. In the book: “The 7 habits of highly effective people” – the author talks about the different centers by which people live their lives. For e.g. most people live their lives with major importance around money or possessions. This is not directly their fault but rather societal norms placing great value on these things. The problem with being centered on these things however is that we become dependent on them and this could easily disappear and leave us in a state of despair. In such a state that we would do anything to get them back. This is the reason why crime is so prevalent.

The only way to overcome this problem is to base our lives centered around something fixed. This cannot be another person or belongings but rather something that will remain constant i.e. something within your control. This is when living a principle centered life comes in. A principle centered life basically means that you set the boundaries by which you choose to live life. These boundaries never change unless you choose to revise them. They are based on what you believe is important to you and the values closest to you.

This is when a mission statement comes in. A mission statement essentially serves as a written version of your principles. This documented proof of what you believe in will keep you balanced no matter how difficult life gets. With regards to the relation between mission statement vs purpose; it is essentially the guidelines you adhere to while following through with your life purpose. Remember that you will be required to take action to achieve your purpose and these actions if not guides by morals and values can often cause more harm than good. A Robin Hood example is a perfect case study of a good purpose with misguided principles. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor can be considered heroic to some but is stealing ever acceptable?

Mission statement vs purpose – the final verdict:

We should all spend the time to discover our life purposes; because if we don’t we tend to live life in autopilot often moving in the wrong direction. Once we establish our purpose this is when a mission statement outlining our values and principles needs to be established. It will outline the way we live life and the actions to take to achieve your purpose while still being in the bounds of your moral compass.

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