The Wonders Of a Principle Centered Life

A post was written previously about the link between a mission statement and purpose. The post explained that the main reason you require a mission statement to fulfill your purpose is balance. You need the mission statement to lead a principle centered life. In this post the concept of a principle centered life will be unraveled in greater detail.

The Wonders Of a Principle Centered Life

How often do we see people succeed immensely in one area of their life but fail miserably in other areas. You may even be one of those people. For some getting promotion after promotion is what they base their entire lives on. For others just having a family and a bottom level job is enough. But why do you even need to compromise? Why can’t you have it all, at least all the things that you deeply desire. If you want to have it all, start living a principle centered life.

According to the book, the 7 habits of highly successful people; there are several general areas people typically center their lives around. People can essentially fall into one of the following categories:

  • Spouse-centered
  • Family-centered
  • Money-centered
  • Work-centered
  • possession-centered
  • Pleasure-centered
  • Friend-centered
  • Enemy-centered
  • Church-centered
  • Self-centered

If you notice any commonalities in the above list, you will find that being centered on any of these things means you have no control over your life. If you were to be work centered for example and you were to lose your job – this would devastate you. This is when it becomes important to move away from centering your life on things that can change and base your life on something constant and fixed. Here’s when a principle centered life is the way to go.

A principle centered life will give you the balance you need. It will give you a constant level of security which will be based on correct principles that do not change, regardless of external conditions or circumstances.
Your goals can then be aligned to your mission statement and purpose to get you the happiness you desire.

There you have it. A surefire way to ensure balance in all aspects of your life – from family to career to self-development. Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t have to choose – you just need to have a principle centered life.

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