If Your Willpower Is Not Enough – This Is Why!

A strong willpower is probably one of the most important requirements for success. It is basically the the force of persistence that lies within you – pushing you forward to succeed even when the odds are placed against you. Do you find it easy to stay on track with your personal goals even when the results are minimal? If you answered no, then your willpower is probably not enough. But what are the real obstacles behind why your willpower is not enough.


If Your Willpower Is Not Enough - This Is Why!



Here are 7 reasons why your willpower is just not reaching it’s full potential:


You haven’t really figured out why you want to achieve something

What separates you from other more successful people? Why is the person at the gym fitter than you? or why does the lady at the bank have a fatter bank account? It all boils down to them having a voracious thirst for achievement. When you are able to clearly identify why you want to achieve something – then something magical happens internally. Your mind starts to remind you of the importance of what you are trying to achieve especially when your willpower tends to falter. If you can clearly define why you are setting goals or habits then it becomes much more easier for your willpower to motivate you towards victory. If you can’t clearly define this, then it’s probably not worth your time anyway.


You give in to it too easily

Overcoming willpower has different levels. Giving up the dirty habit of smoking obviously entails a greater willpower than say forming a habit of dressing your bed daily. But when you don’t use your willpower even for the smaller things, it makes your will weaker. This is why it feels that your willpower is not enough to get you through achieving your goals. The key is to continuously work on strengthening your willpower on the routine stuff  by forming healthy habits.


A skewed perception of risk

If you doubt your ability to succeed at something then you are unlikely to achieve it. Your perception of risk is therefore vital to your ultimate success. If you feel deep down inside that starting your own business, for example, is going to be a failure and huge risk – then when things start to go slightly wrong, your willpower will not be enough to motivate you to the finish line. The key here is to strengthen your intuition to overcome your fears. Once you start to see that there isn’t really a risk when it comes to your happiness – then your willpower will work with you to achieve your goals.


Your willpower is not enough – because you start too big too fast!

What happens when you build a house with a weak foundation? It collapses right? In the same way trying to get your willpower to accomplish huge feats when you haven’t trained it on the basics – isn’t going to work. When you start of with too difficult challenges, you tend to give up when things fall apart. It is too difficult and overwhelming which is why people give in to a faltering willpower. If your willpower is not enough, then start small. Do things like:

  • Make your bed even thought is annoys the hell out of you
  • If your goal is to wake up earlier start with an hour earlier as opposed to two or three hours prior
  • If your goal is saving – then start small

The key here is moderation. Once you are able to overcome the smaller hurdles, your willpower will grow strength by strength. Soon you won’t be in a situation where your willpower is not enough. Goals will be easier to achieve and your mind will be stronger than ever.

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