Reasons For Anxiety Before Sleep And How To Fix It

Anxiety before sleep is probably the worst feeling anyone can experience. Imagine trying to fall asleep after a long day at work only to be bombarded by a barrage of your worst thoughts and fears all at once. But what are the reasons for anxiety before sleep? and what can you do to fix it?

Reasons For Anxiety Before Sleep And How To Fix It

Here’s why you may be experiencing anxiety before sleep and some great methods to overcome it:

Reason for anxiety before sleep:

Your mind often thinks clearly when it is calm. So you can understand why the time just before you fall asleep is the best time for your inner thoughts and feelings to emerge; these are usually your worst fears, regrets or worries about the day that has just gone by. There are usually two cases of this:

  • Long term anxiety about recurring things that worry or frighten you – and probably which you are too afraid to address. The result is that you suppress them with a busy day so that you can prevent thinking about it – until it eventually has an opportunity to surface.
  • Short term anxiety about something immediate e.g. a job interview the next day

How to fix it:

  • Try to stay true to yourself and have little regrets; your mind will then have nothing to hold against you
  • Practice mindfulness – this will not only allow you to control your thoughts but also allow you to come to terms with issues in your life so that you can fix them immediately. Mindfulness is one of the best methods to gain clarity and perspective.
  • Find out what your true ambitions and goals are in life. A vision board can help you in this regard.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene. The brain and sleep patterns are rather complex; if you are able to understand the relationship well you will be much more equipped for better and restful sleep.
  • Listen to ASMR – if it is your thing. It will relax you and make you fall asleep often distracting you from anxiety.

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