5 Fun Methods On How To Expand Your Mind

Your mind is your greatest weapon. If wielded in the correct way, it is capable of extraordinary feats. When you start to realize the wondrous abilities of the human mind; it can become someone addictive to expand it’s capabilities. You tend to keep wanting to do and get better. If you know what I mean or even if you are just starting off your journey towards expanding your mind and its capabilities; you are in the right place. Mindspurt is the name and nurturing the mind is our game. Here are 5 fun methods on how to expand your mind to new heights.

5 Fun Methods On How To Expand Your Mind

Change Jobs

I know I said fun, and changing jobs can be equally scary. But rather than look at it horrific, instead look at it as an opportunity to start a new chapter. Do this in limitation, because too much job hopping can make you look like a risky investment to companies. Instead look at periodically transitioning to new companies or job titles. The move can fundamentally assist with expanding your mind. Not only will it provide new opportunities to learn but also new perspectives to sink your teeth into.

Learn a musical instrument

According to researchers, learning a musical instrument can enhance verbal memory, spatial memory and reasoning skills. So you can get smarter while also playing to the tunes of your favorite pop band… what other motivation could you possibly ask for. Who knew how to expand your mind boiled down to a few guitar strings.

Go on dates

This can be a dinner date, lunch date, drink date, friend date or date date. The point is in the connections you create when you socialize and talk to people with different viewpoints. If you manage to fall in love in the process, its a plus…you can thank me later.


Eat different. Experience different tastes and recipes from different cultures. Food is a gift to the mouth, so use it wisely. Eating different foods is thought to trigger dormant memories, thoughts feelings and ideas. Who knew that a Big Mac could yield such immense power?

Find a mentor

Over the years you may have collected knowledge, ideas and thoughts. Your next door neighbor for example would have undergone the same miraculous life process but may have a different set of ideas and thoughts. Now imagine there could be a cross of knowledge and the potential it would have on expanding your mind. That is the power of mentorship. Find a mentor for work or life that you can trust and see the rewards it offers.

Expanding your mind can be daunting for example when you sit through exams. However it can also be fun and creative. Use this list of fun methods of how to expand your mind as a starting point and before you know it, you will be one of the sharpest tools in the shed.

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