New Year One Liners To Motivate You Towards Success

So its the New year. Yippee! A time of reflection and changes. Change is not easy and requires a constant element of re-invention; yet the rewards can sometimes far outweigh the cons. To help you on your journey of being a better you, here are some great new year one liners to add to your list of positive affirmations.

I will start small, even if it seems like I am not moving forward

This is one of the most useful New year one liners that reminds one of the power of starting. Procrastination can steal away all of your time if you are not careful, therefore you need to constantly remind yourself of the importance of taking bite sized chunks. Yum! Yum! It doesn’t matter how small steps you take but rather the consistency of your efforts. Before you know it, you will be in a state of flow and wont be able to stop. This is the point at which you go from being good to great.

A will always take the scenic route

When I was in College, my professor always drilled this one liner into all of his students heads. Essentially what he tried to say, in not so many words, is to enjoy and appreciate the smaller things in life i.e. the beauty around you. In the constant hustle and bustle of achieving our dreams, we constantly forget the “enjoyment” part. Therefore whether it is walking to a nearby store instead of taking the car or unwinding the window instead of putting the air-con on; stop to enjoy that which mother nature has so willingly given us.

I will be the master of my mind

Our environment can bring out the worst versions of ourselves; which is why you should have this new year one liner close by when you suddenly finding yourself turning into the Grinch. This is not an easy feat and requires work and patience. There are a plethora of resources at your disposal to manage feelings like stress and anger. The key is to make the decision and get working at it. A good way to avoid arguments is to ask yourself: Is this worth it? and will it solve anything? Most of the time you need to just put your ego aside and keep moving. The overall effect will be reduction in health problems and a more happy environment for you and those around you.

I will be the master of my destiny

We are most often living life in autopilot. Moving according to societal norms to get to a destination we are not even sure we want to reach. Adding this useful statement to your new year one liners will not only bring you inner peace and happiness but prevent you from living a false truth. Being a master of your destiny means pausing… yes it means stopping at checkpoints and re-evaluating. You need to fight the feeling that this is a waste of time. Evaluation and reflection is the key to staying happy especially when you as an individual are constantly transforming in this dynamic landscape we call life.

These are just a few New year one liners to help motivate you towards your new year goals; however at the end of the day, all they are is words. It is up to you to do the work and find comfort in them during the hard times. Remember to bring about change means changing the way you approach things. You can’t get different results if you are using the same recipe. Mix things up and add some flavor to your life…. you know you want to.

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