Use Creative Visualisation For Achieving Your Purpose

Many people would agree that reading a book is way better than it’s movie adaptation. The reason why so many people feel this way is because the imaginative story created by an individual’s mind can surpass any movie script. So this post is going to tap into that imagination and creativity. Find out how to use creative visualisation for achieving your purpose.

Use Creative Visualisation For Achieving Your Purpose

“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.”

Bo Bennett

In life, even when you think that you have found your purpose; there is another important step that you should never leave out. Apart from goals, you should always use creative visualisation to achieve your purpose.

Often people tend to put dreams and aspirations on paper but when they actually reach their goals; they come to a really disappointing realization. The realization being that they don’t really want what they thought they did. Many people think they know what they want in life, but are actually barking up the wrong tree. This is when creative visualisation can bridge the gap between expectation vs reality. If for example, your define your purpose in life to be owning your own company one day. If this is your dream – start to use visualisation to picture yourself in the role of a business owner.

How would you act, talk, feel or see things. The more your practice, the more easier it will become. This will then start giving you introspective about what you really want out of life. You may find that the visualisation is showing you a life that you didn’t anticipate. It is then that you need to take a closer look at what contributed towards you choosing your particular purpose. Was it persuasion from society or was it a face value decision without much thought invested in the decision.

Even though creative visualisation can show you a life you shouldn’t be living; it more often than not shows you a dream life that you could have. You may have heard about the “law of attraction” which states that if you want something; you need to feel as though you are already in possession of it. Although there is no real proof to this; apart from the testimonials of those that have benefited from it – this is sure worth a try. Visualising can therefore not only help with the “law of attraction” but also assist with goal setting. If for example you visualise yourself being a restaurant owner one day; you can more readily see opportunities and set goals (both long and short) to move towards it.

If you are sold on the idea to use creative visualisation to achieve your purpose; here are some useful tips to help you on your journey:

  • Use vision boards – they are excellent ways to put down your visualisations on paper and help you see things more clearly
  • Develop the willpower to create better habits around creative visualisation. Creative visualisation should be a daily exercise.
  • Have fun doing it. Think of it as your own personal movie where you are the star attraction. You can do and be whatever you desire.
  • Find a disturbance free spot and time. This can be just before bed or early in the morning; as long as you have an environment to think peaceful and tranquil thoughts.
  • Try listening to music while you visualise. There are some very peaceful sounds that make the thought process of visualisation much more easier to accomplish.
  • Keep adjusting your visualisation to account for changing goals and mindset.
  • Collect visualisation objects that help you imagine things more effectively.

There you have it. How and why to use creative visualisation to achieve your purpose in life. It may not come naturally in the beginning; however with practice you will start to see the benefits of what creative visualisation can do for you and your mind. So go forth and dream that life you have always wanted; nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it!

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