The Disadvantages Of Intelligence And How To Overcome It

Intelligence is a blessing – however it’s advantages is often relative to the environment. Throw a smart person in a room full of dimwitted imbeciles and you will end up with a situation where the intelligent person is seen as nothing but an abomination. The advantages of intelligence is clear, but what are the disadvantages of intelligence and what can you do to overcome it.

The Disadvantages Of Intelligence And How To Overcome It

Here is a guide to help you navigate through the disadvantages of intelligence:


The disadvantages of intelligence can often mean loneliness and isolation. If you are a smart person, hanging out with the wrong crowd can make you feel segregated. The reasons are endless:

  • Lack of common interests
  • jealousy
  • difference of opinions

How to combat this:

learn of to network and find smart people. Visit seminars, join clubs and socially connect with individuals that are intellectually stimulated by the same things as you.

Intelligence can prevent you from following your true path

You may want to be an actor yet you are a math prodigy that everyone deems the next Einstein. Everyone will say that being an actor will waste your god given talents – so you decide to take the safer route and become a researcher. This is just an example of a dilemma people often face; especially in a world where financial security defines so many people’s career paths.

How to combat this:

Try to find a way to merge you god given intelligence with what you really want to do. If you what to be an actor for example but are a genius at writing. Maybe you can become a screenwriter in the film industry and dabble in acting when the opportunity presents. You will sometimes find that your dreams are often misguided; you may think you know what you want until you actually start doing it.

Intelligence can be consuming:

Some people love learning – sometimes a tad bit too much. Polymathic thinkers are sometimes such people who have an appetite for knowledge that can sometimes consume most parts of their lives. Loving to learn is a great thing but as with all good things; it needs to be done in moderation.

How to combat this:

make time to develop other areas of your life; this includes:

This not only allows you brain to mentally recuperate but also develops other areas of your life which will be there for you during retirement when your voracity of learning may actually reduce.

You overthink

By far one of the greatest disadvantages of intelligence is overthinking. Imagine being capable of learning and mastering most things. Decisions become so much more difficult as a result. Even the simplest decision like deciding which drone to purchase can be a nightmare

How to combat this:

Trust that there are other smart people that may be more prepared to make decisions for you e.g. getting a financial adviser that you can trust. Identify the most important decisions that affect your values and focus your attention on micromanaging these decisions. The rest leave to a professional you trust or alternatively do what other normal people do i.e. wing the damn thing!

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