How To Handle Not Getting A Promotion

How to handle not getting a promotion can be just as difficult as handling being unemployed. Many people who fail to get promotions tend to feel unfairly treated or cheated by their bosses or companies. In some cases, this is very much true while in other cases it is just a matter of the wrong fit for the new position. Either way, it is very important to have the right state of mind when it comes down to handling not getting a promotion.


How To Handle Not Getting A Promotion


Here are  some useful and healthy methods of how to handle not getting a promotion:

Understand that you may not necessarily be in a bad situation

The most healthiest thing you can do when denied a promotion, is to change your perspective. Realize that it may not necessarily be a bad thing that you didn’t get the post you wanted. See this as an opportunity to build on your weaknesses for improvement. Ask your boss or the hiring manager why you were not suitable for the post and how you can improve for future positions.

Once you know where your shortfalls are – you can then effectively work towards the right direction in bridging the skills gap you are experiencing. The worst thing you can do is move into a position where you don’t have the competency to do the job effectively. This will not only result in a poor reflection on you but also result in you experiencing backlash from more experienced people. Another way to look at the situation is to realize the promotion is bound to bring on more workload and added stress; ask yourself if you are really ready for such a time commitment.


Talk to your boss about a plan moving forward

Once you have composed yourself – the next step in dealing with how to handle not getting a promotion is to develop a career growth plan with your employer. This is important as you will be able to identify what you need to accomplish. This should be a part of your annual development review; it could include further studies or working on new projects. It may require an extra time commitment on your part to transition into the new post; however if you are really serious about things, this wont be a problem.


Always be on the look-out for new opportunities

There’s always opportunities for promotion in and out of the company you work for; it all depends on patience. Constantly be on the look-out for these opportunities and keep building your technical skills while you can. As mentioned in previous posts – the higher up you move in an organization, the less hands on you become; however this means that you need to have a very in-depth tacit knowledge to guide and lead technical experts.


The wrong ways of  how to handle not getting a promotion:

  • Throw a tantrum – this only proves further that you were rightly not a good fit for the post.
  • Complain that the new employee isn’t a good fit for the promotion without any valid argument
  • Make a hasty decision to leave without first finding out why you didn’t get the promotion
  • Give up on your perfect career





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