Why You Should Have A Mission Statement About Yourself

A life without guidance is a difficult one. We as humans need support structures to be there for us when times get tough. This is why there is beliefs in religion. It allows us to believe in a supreme power when things get out of control. Writing a mission statement about yourself serves a similar purpose. Find out why you should start writing one today.

Mission statement vs vision

A post about this was written a while back. To summarize, having a mission statement about yourself enables you to have a guided mission based on values and principles you establish for yourself. A vision is essentially the future you create in your mind; however if the actions you take to realize your vision goes against your moral compass – you will probably hate the person you become.

A principled centered life

Another great reason to carry out a mission statement about yourself is to lead a principle centered life. We are living in an ever changing world. As a result it can get difficult when it is centered around something that is altering all the time. This is why having a life based on predetermined set of principles and values is a much better option. A mission statement comes in handy in such cases. It’s a documented proof of the way you choose to live your life; and no one can take that away from you. In other words, a mission statement could be the one thing you can feel you have control over. In a world where everything else is changing at an insurmountable rate, this is important.

A mission statement about yourself allows for self- reflection

We spend hours in our jobs yet so little time in nurturing ourselves. A mission statement is a quick way to fit in some time to stop for a moment and engage in a bit of self – reflection. Self-reflection is essentially the act of quietening the mind and identifying if the path we are on is the right one. Are you where you want to be in life? Is there something that you should change? A mission statement will allow you to quickly align yourself with where you are vs where you want to be.

It is in your face

A busy mind often forgets about important things. Therefore having things written down is the only way to remind ourselves of what we should spend time focusing on. The great thing about a mission statement is it’s versatility. It can be written on a single A4 page and can therefore be carried where ever you go. You could also paste it on your room wall or work desk so that you have a constant visual reminder of the person you need to be to achieve what you need to.

There you have it. Some great reasons why you should stop what you are doing and start writing a mission statement about yourself. It will take a few hours at most with minor changes as you move through life; however if you invest the time it will be well worth it.

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