The Best Triggers To Switch Off Negative Thoughts Anxiety

The “law of attraction” is often spoken about as a pillar for success. The way you can essentially obtain anything you want in reality by merely changing your perception and thoughts. It is founded on the basis that your thoughts ultimately effect the outcomes in your life and the feelings you have is an indication of the thoughts you are manifesting. Happy and excited feelings means that you are engaging in  positive thoughts. Similar feelings and thoughts will thus be drawn to you as a result.

The Best Triggers To Switch Off Negative Thoughts Anxiety

The converse is equally true since negative feelings fostered by negative thoughts can have a detrimental effect if not changed quickly. In the process of practicing this myself, I found that this activity of changing from a state of experiencing negative thoughts anxiety to a positive outlook  was quite a difficult endeavor. With a bit of practice and reading, I managed to come across effective ways to trigger your thoughts from the negative towards positive. Here are some useful tricks for you to use:

Have a list of emotional starters

Think about events, music, videos, activities or pictures that bring you positive thoughts and feelings. Always keep this in hand – When negative thoughts anxiety pops up, quickly turn to one of these mechanisms focusing all thoughts on the medium until your mood changes. Think of it as an emotional anchor that stabilizes you during rough tides in this case negative thoughts. The medium in some cases can also be someone close to you like a partner or friend. Whatever the case, make sure that it is powerful enough to take you to a point where you were truly in bliss.

Quieten your thoughts

The human mind has multiple thoughts going through it per day and controlling these can be a difficult task. If you are unable to quieten your mind, you will never be able to control it. Therefore being able to identify the root causes behind why you are feeling in a particular way can be difficult. Practicing an exercise to bring about mindfulness can therefore help quieten the mind to gain perspective. You can then find out what is really resulting in the negative thoughts anxiety you are experiencing. Once you identify what this is – you can work to quickly push it aside with a positive thought. It could be that you are just over exaggerating a petty issue that doesn’t pose any real concern.

Write or rehearse everything that is going well in your life

When you start to do this you will realize that your life is a 100 times better than most others. Focusing on what is going right is looking at things from a different eyes view i.e. the glass is half full perspective. Positive affirmation will also attract with it positive things and before you know it – You will find your mood being lifted.

Put yourself in a state of flow

If all else fails, there is also the option to engage in an activity that you love greatly – One that completely set all thoughts aside and allows you to focus on what you are doing. This will not only clear up all negative thoughts anxiety but will give you a sense of accomplishment. This could be anything from practicing a hobby or reading a book about a topic that intrigues you. Whatever it is – Ensure that it is engaging enough to keep your mind of negativity.

Laughter is the best medicine

Smiling and laughing automatically triggers your mind to lift your mood. Therefore watching a funny movie or video – Even playing with a pet can greatly relax you, leaving you in a state of elation. Whenever something has gotten you down, don’t let the feelings brew- Instead grab something funny and let the laughter flow.

We are all given limited time on earth, yet we still choose to waste it excessively on feelings of sadness, hurt and anger. In moving forward, learn to always think positive which will resulting in you feeling better and enjoying life with boundless opportunities.

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