10 Interesting Facts About Brain Structure Functions

The brain is complicated and capable of amazing feats. It’s hard to believe that this organ is capable of happiness, wealth and human revolutions. As much as we can go on about its psychology and the results it is able to achieve. It is sometimes interesting to step back and observe the wondrous biological structure which we call the “brain”. Here are 10 great facts about brain structure functions:

  1. The Average human brain is roughly three pounds. For comparison, a cat has a brain size of less than an ounce.
  2. The larger the brain as a percentage of body weight, the smarter the creature
  3. Humans suffer more pain than any other animal because of the huge size of infant heads built to carry an oversized brain
  4. The outer part of the brain is called the cerebral cortex and is responsible for functions such as conscious perception, abstract reasoning, creativity and speech
  5. If you had to spread out your cerebral cortex, it would be equivalent to a newspaper page size
  6. The middle “limbic system” of the brain is responsible for emotional drives
  7. The Cerebellum coordinates balance and movement
  8. The brainstem controls body function that has little conscious control like breathing and temperature control
  9. The brain consists of 2 percent of the bodies total weight
  10. The brain is the most fatty organ in the body comprising of 25 percent of the bodies cholesterol


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