What Is Sapiosexual Arousal? Signs That Intelligence Is A Turn On

You may have come across the term ” sapiosexual” while scrolling down someone’s dating profile and thought: ” pyscho.” However, the term is actually more than just a scheme to get more Tinder likes – it is in fact characterized by an intense attraction to someone who possesses traits of intelligence. If I have now got your attention, then you probably want to know “what is sapiosexual arousal?” and “does it apply to you?”

What Is Sapiosexual Arousal? 4 Signs That Intelligence Turns You On!

Here are five points describing what is sapiosexual arousal. Read on to find out if you are truly sexually aroused by intelligence:

1.What is sapiosexual arousal? That feeling when you start crushing on an employee

Have you ever worked on a big project with a colleague and then suddenly realized that you started getting feelings for them? No! It was not the color of their hair or the perfume they used, it was actually their intellectual prowess that turned you on. The way they took charge of the situation and mitigated risks using their technical abilities. All of these traits coupled with their confidence was the reason behind your sapiosexual arousal. It is one of the reasons why people tend to marry in the same careers and often why younger woman marry older and more successful guys.

2. A mate that can hold a conversation is a must

If you are willing to reject a “perfect 10” because they can’t hold a conversation – you are probably a sapiosexual. If you really think deeply about the question: “what is sapiosexual arousal?” you will find that the answer extends deeper that just the physical. Sapiosexual arousal means developing a deep emotional connection with the way a person thinks and engages you. Therefore, if being able to have an intellectual debate with a mate about politics or science is your thing – then you are probably super turned on by intelligence.

3.  You are crazy about bookworms

If you are a sapiosexual then you are probably are aroused by the notion of being in a relationship with a book worm. Someone that enjoys reading and expanding the depth of their knowledge indicates intelligence and profoundness. You will find that many sapiosexuals thrive and find potential partners in intelligent settings such as book shops or book review clubs.

4. You are engaged by wit

If you are aroused by someone who sends you witty text messages and who gets your complicated jokes, then your relationships are probably motivated by intelligence. This is the very reason why a smart guy can get a hot girl to ignore hundreds of attractive guys, yet respond to him. The ability to converse and communicate in a witty manner can be entertaining and a turn on for many. If you have sapiosexual tendencies then a witty, humorous and confident guy or girl is probably your idea of sexiness.

If you are truly a sapiosexual – embrace it. The reality is that you will never be happy with just surface level appearance. You require a deep intellectual attachment before you become attracted to someone. If this seems hard to overcome in the beginning, don’t despair; Your dream partner is just around the corner waiting to wow you with his/her knowledge.

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