Why Procrastination Is Good – Read The Signs!

Okay! you probably read the title of this post and thought it was bullshit. “How can procrastination be good?” you may ask. Well for the most part it isn’t, however as with all things, there is usually an upside and downside. Here are some of the few reasons why procrastination is good

Why Procrastination Is Good - Read The Signs!

Procrastination is good because it gives you time to ruminate

How many times have you made a decision without actually thinking of the repercussions first. I’m guessing many…. in fact we as humans are often known to make rash decisions without thinking about the consequences. In cases like this, especially if you are a person who jumps into situations without thinking first, procrastination is good. This period before you make a decision is a great for weighing up the pros and cons of the choice you are about to make. Ask yourself the following questions to gain some clarity:

  • Is this what I really want?
  • Am I in love with the end result or the process as well?
  • Am I willing to deal with the problems that come with making such a decision?
  • Will this give me what I really need?
  • Is there better options available?

Being open minded about these type of questions will allow you to make more informed decisions and ultimately prevent regret later on. There are obviously the extremes of procrastination, which is obviously not advised; however there is usually a comfortable sweet spot when it comes to thinking before acting. Get this right and you are on the right track!

It highlights your true interests

Have you ever wanted to do something so badly but never got around to doing it? Maybe the dream of being a rock-star or to leave your job and become a successful tech entrepreneur. Ever wondered why despite the urgency of wanting something you never dedicated the time to actually materialize it. The reason here lies in the fact that you wanted the end result but was never willing to accept the work that came with it. In your head being a rock-star meant fame and girls, but in reality the work, training and dedication never crossed your mind. The result was that you procrastinated – day in and day out. So this brings me to the point why procrastination is good; it is good because it shows you what you truly want to achieve. If you truly want something, you will make time for it and enjoy the process and not just the end result. Always question why your procrastinate; sometimes it is more than just laziness.

Procrastination is good because it highlights a deeper seated issue

Procrastination is good because it can also highlights deeper seated issues. The next time you procrastinate, think about the true reason behind your procrastination. Is it a mindset issue and if so why? Issues such as a lack of drive or depression could put you in a slump and often lead to procrastination. Therefore procrastination is a good indicator of whether you need to re-evaluate your life. Explore the sources of unhappiness or mental anxiety and you will often find that procrastination is just a symptom of a deeper seated issue. Fix the root causes and the rest will resolve itself.

So there it is. Three solid reasons why procrastination is good for you. Ultimately procrastination isn’t a good thing, but if used effectively it can be an excellent tool to indicate internal issues and allow you to make more informed choices.

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