3 Great Tips To Avoid Procrastination In College

Procrastination is like that annoying cousin you just can’t avoid. But just because you can’t avoid something doesn’t mean you can’t deal with it constructively. Here are 3 great tips to conquer procrastination in college enhance productivity.

3 Great Tips To Avoid Procrastination In College

Set goals to avoid procrastination in college

Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of things you need to accomplish in college; and to add to that is the very narrow timeline you are expected to complete these tasks by. When this happens, your mind goes into panic mode – however instead of being productive you go into a slump. This leads to procrastination and often missed deadlines or poor quality work. One of the best ways to therefore overcome procrastination in college is to set goals within strict timelines and follow through. This will not only allow you to manage your workload but also allow you to have free time to do other fun stuff. The key here is balance.

Just do it

No, this is not an Nike advert. This is a call to action for you to get of that ass and just start. There is not going to be a miraculous point in time in which you are going to want to start something. What many people wait for is a feeling to get them to do fired up; but this feeling never seems to come. The reality is that we will never get this feeling if we are wanting to do something we don’t love.

The fact is that in most cases in your life, you are going to be forced to do things that you don’t like; the key however is that the amount of good things should always outweigh the bad. By just doing something that is daunting, you eliminate the fear and doubt. Even if your first attempt sucks, it will give you are great starting point;and this is essentially all you really need.

Choose to study what you love

The best way to eliminate procrastination in college is to study something you love. Believe it or not, procrastination can actually be good. It can be used to gauge what you really love. If you read the book: “The subtle art of not giving a f**ck” by Mark Manson; you will come to a realization. Humans more often than not resonate towards the end result. We all want the fancy car, big house, great relationship, money, fame and glory; but most of the time we are not prepared to work for it.

Or as he puts it, we are not prepared to deal with the shit/problems that come with achieving it. This could be the same when you are choosing your career. For e.g you may want to be called a doctor and have pride and money – but are you really willing to put in the sacrifice required to attain the goal and to live with your decision. Instead of thinking about what you want; rather ask yourself what problems you are happy to deal with. If you are honest about this then procrastination in college will not be a problem for you.

There may be some deep seated issues behind your procrastination or it may be a simple case of just putting in the effort to start. Whatever the reason, use these tips to help you eliminate procrastination in college. You will find, the better you are able to adopt these principles earlier on life; there more you will be equipped you will be to improve productivity as you get older.

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  • Thank you! This is especially relevant to me at the end of the academic year. It’s exams and tests time, and I can hardly bring myself to study anything. So your advice is useful to me.

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