Why Laziness Is Another Word For Unhappy

Laziness can be defined as another word for unhappy. How you may ask? The answer simply boils down to the root cause behind your laziness. Laziness which also can be correlated with burnout, is the lack of energy or commitment to complete tasks. Read on to find out how to combat laziness and take back your happiness.

Why Laziness Is Another Word For Unhappy

Choose a career you love

If you are in a dead end job, lacking passion and challenge; there is a very high chance that you will struggle to get tasks done. This can often lead to unhappiness due to a lack of job satisfaction. The key to being happier is to therefore first identify what thrills you. What would make you get up each morning at the first sound of the alarm. Ask yourself: what would I do if I didn’t need to work for another Penny? When you are driven by a career that motivates and excites you, you will automatically find more energy to get things done and things start to move from a push motion to a pull motion.

Change the way your perceive your life

Often people find themselves in a rut. They watch their friends on social media buying bigger houses, starting families etc. which makes them feel unhappier because they have not achieved these milestones in their own lives. This can then lead to laziness or the lack of ambition to move forward. They often give up and live life on autopilot. Each day meaningless yet seemingly normal. The only way for one to actively break this cycle is to change the perception of their current circumstances. you need to start having the half full instead of the half empty mentality. When you start to see all the things you have instead of what you don’t; you will automatically send out vibes of abundance which will result in you essentially getting more.

Lack of exercise and keeping physically fit

Beyond mental barriers being the reason for your laziness and unhappiness; a lack of keeping physically fit and healthy can also be of equal detriment. Consider how you feel when you eat junk-food and don’t train for weeks on end. You are often in a slump, with low energy levels. This makes its difficult for you wanting to get anything done. Furthermore, couple this with the lack of self-esteem that comes with a poor self-image and you have the onset of unhappiness. The key to happiness is to therefore keep healthy both internally and externally.

There are a variety of reasons of why laziness can be described as another word for unhappy. What you should however take from this post is that if you want to have a life void of procrastination and burnout, you need to change the way you see your situation, choose to do what you love and keep your body and mind mentally active. Do these three things and you will start to see both laziness and unhappiness take the back seat in your life. Happy living from Mindspurt to you.

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