How To Effectively Develop The 4 Brain Quadrants

The brain is a complex mechanism that can leave you in awe in more ways than one. The way it interprets and responds to situations can be summed up by 4 brain quadrants responsible for working together to have you fully functional.

How To Effectively Develop The 4 Brain Quadrants

Understanding the 4 brain quadrants

Before delving into how to develop each of the brain quadrants; it is vital to first understand each quadrant and how it works. If you want to be fancy, you can refer to the 4 brain quadrants as the Herrman Quadrants developed by founder William Herrman as part of a bigger framework known as the Herrman brain dominance instrument. The instrument was essentially designed to better understand people’s predispositions to specific quadrants/modes of thinking as shown below:

  • A – this mode of thinking focuses on analytics. People with this predisposition are often masters at data analysis and logical thinking. They are generally factual and logical.
  • B- People who prefer this quadrant are usually very systematic and detailed orientated.
  • C – centers around interpersonal thinking. This is often associated with being more feelings based or emotional.
  • D- Imaginative thinking. People with this predisposition are often more creative. They prefer an holistic view of the situation and prefer creative problem solving.

Activities to strengthen quadrant A:

Of the 4 quadrants, quadrant A is often mostly developed in people with careers around the sciences. These are often engineers, doctors and people that work with numbers or have to solve “out of the box” problems. These problems often have no prescribed method and requires unorthodox methods to solve them. Do the following to get better at quadrant A thinking:

  • Solve puzzles like Sudoku
  • Exercise
  • Eat brain foods
  • Read
  • Listen to Podcasts

Activities to strengthen quadrant B:

Sequential thinkers characterized by quadrant B often strive in uniformity and structure. An example of a quadrant B minded person is a Technical writer. This person often creates instruction manuals and how to guides which follow strict guidelines. If you want to be a quadrant B minded person, do the following:

Activities to strengthen quadrant C:

Quadrant C thinkers are often accustomed to working in teams and creating good relationships. An example would be a salesperson who is responsible for fostering healthy customer relationships. To strengthen this quadrant involves:

  • Improving communication skills through organizations like Toastmasters
  • Learning to listen more
  • Creating more relationships and friendships

Activities to strengthen quadrant D:

Imaginative thinkers are the backbone of huge companies. They are the bigger picture thinkers that create and image of where a company should be. Quadrant D thinkers are often not as concerned with how to get there but build a strong idea for analytical thinkers to follow. They can range from CEO’s in companies to an artist who expresses himself creatively. Activities to strengthen this quadrant can range from:

  • Doing creative activities like drawing and painting
  • Surrounding yourself with other creative thinkers and learning from them
  • Not thinking too much. Try not be an over-thinker when jumping into things.
  • Being more optimistic

As you can see the brain and it’s abilities are pretty difficult to explain. At the same time the act of developing your brain is one of the most fruitful and enjoyable things to do. If you are keen to jump on to this bandwagon, start with the development of the 4 brain quadrants. Before you know it, you will be in-sync with the brightest minds.

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