5 amazing gap year ideas to prepare you for your journey of mental rejuvenation

You may have wanted to take a gap year after school, college or even working for a few years. If you have been putting it off but have now have decided it’s the time – You have come to the right place. If the burdens of life has taken its toll on you and you are keen to rejuvenate your mind and perspective – I have put together 5 great gap year ideas to kick start your plans. Remember always have a plan and goal to achieve at the end of your gap year. If you spend all the time just sleeping and watching television; you will find that you are left more clueless and confused about your life than before. Think productively and make the best out of this opportunity you are giving yourself.

5 amazing gap year tips to prepare you for your journey of mental rejuvenation : mind the gap on pavement

Take on a minimalist job – The wisest of all gap year ideas

Yes! You still need a job even though you are on a gap year – Unless you are fortunate enough to be blessed with the fortune from wealthy parents. If you are like most people though- Then a basic job to cover expenses like rent, food, travel expenses and recreation are a necessity. Look for jobs that require a minimum time commitment yet offers enough to get by. This includes waiter or barmen jobs or maybe some freelance work if you have a special skillset. If you opt for a job that doesn’t add to your skillset – Make sure that you develop skills in other ways to make yourself marketable when you do return to the job market.


Second on my list of gap year ideas is relocation. If you stay in your old lifestyle, surroundings and the people you see every day – Your chances of gaining clarity and new perspective are limited. Your brain grows with new experiences and so does your creativity. Look for the place you have always dreamed of traveling – Then make it happen. If it is a foreign country remember to learn about the culture and language. You don’t want to be walking around like a lost dog and not even knowing how to say: “where can I find?”

Identify what your plan is

A gap year is not meant for just constant partying. People do it for different reasons. Some young graduates use it as a medium to find their purpose and passion. More seasoned veterans of the work life may use it to gain perspective and find themselves again. They may also use it as an opportunity to learn a new skill set or develop a passion or interest. Whatever your reason for a gap year is – Remember to always have a plan. What is it that you want to achieve at the end of the gap year? What experiences do you want to achieve? If by the end of the year you have not managed to fulfil your desires – You may often find yourself in a state of dissatisfaction. If there’s only one of my gap year ideas you use, let it be this one!

Use this time to develop good habits

School, college and work life makes us susceptible to unhealthy ways of living. We eat unhealthy, work stressful hours and do little for mental uplifting. A gap year is therefore the perfect opportunity to condition yourself to develop a healthier lifestyle. Practice mindfulness, read regularly, have 7 hours of sleep, develop and use healthier recipes. The healthier habits you foster the more easily you will find it to cope with the stresses of a normal lifestyle after your gap year. It can be as difficult to break a habit as it is to form it.

Keep a journal

Journal your gap year experiences and use it to reflect back on regularly. It should be used as an opportunity to check on your milestones and accomplishments. Any areas you lack in should therefore be seen as a gap to spend more time on. The journal will also serve as a good source of memories throughout your life and should hold as much value as a degree or certificate. This is because it represents an area in your life when you should have grown tremendously as a person.

Plan you return

As much as it would be great to live out your gap year on replay, you may even choose to do this and there will be no judgement on my part – It is important to plan you return to normality if you are not the adventurous type or have decided on new goals that you would like to achieve. This may require relocation, finding a new place to stay, looking for employment opportunities or starting a new business venture. Whatever it is, make sure to get the ball moving as soon as possible – You don’t want to waste this new found rejuvenation you have attained during your gap year.

If you are planning to take a gap year, I hope this article assists you in taking the next steps to make it a reality. Make the most out of this time and see it as an opportunity to gain innermost strength and clarity.

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